BTS Army goes nuts after GRAMMYs snub, angry fans get #SCAMMYS trending

K-pop group BTS
BTS fans, otherwise known as the BTS ARMY, believe the K-pop group was snubbed at the 2022 Grammy Awards and have dubbed the awards show the #scammys. Pic credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube

The hottest Korean boy band BTS gave a smooth performance last night, but fans believe they were snubbed for not receiving an award and started a new trending hashtag: #SCAMMYS.

The K-pop group was nominated for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance for their No. 1 single, Butter, but they lost to Doja Cat and SZA’s Kiss Me More. 

The GRAMMYs snub was recognized immediately as fans took to social media to express their disappointment. 

Their fanbase is dubbed the ARMY, which may be appropriate given their staunch support for the group of pop stars. 

Fans React to BTS Being snubbed at the Grammy Awards

Twitter quickly filled up with trending tweets regarding BTS being snubbed, hashtagged with the new trend SCAMMYs. This is not the first time fans believe BTS was snubbed for an award, so the reactions seemed more intense than before. 

Fans shared several memes and photos, including one fan who used a screenshot of a BTS member making a face and wrote, “My face after the #scammys snubbed BTS again.”

Another person wrote, “That’s fine cuz #BTS has 4 sold out shows right across the street #scammys.”

One of the most popular tweets shows a drawing of a large figure holding a smaller figure. The larger figure is labeled BTS, and the smaller one is labeled ARMY, with an even smaller figure labeled Grammy beneath it. The image shows BTS telling their fans not to fight with the others over the awards. 

The tweet’s author wrote, “Bringing this back, because it’s trueee #scammys.” 

Other users called for a boycott of the GRAMMYs, one writing, “You make us proud, my beautiful boys. We are right behind you today and always,” with the hashtags #OurProudBTS, #boycotthegrammys, and #scammys. 

The photo included with the tweet shows the stars posing after their performance of Butter at the Grammy Awards. The performance was loved among fans as they watched the pop group dance and slide down onto the stage as if they were secret agents or spies.

Watch BTS perform Butter at the 2022 Grammy Awards

The BTS boys performed their hot single Butter while wearing glittering black suits, reminding some of secret agents or spies.

One singer was even lowered down to the stage from the ceiling, and during their dances, there was the illusion of lasers that they had to dodge through, adding to the secret spy theme.

The James Bond-esque performance elicited lots of applause from the crowd and viewers alike as each member was given their own closeup. 

Before long, they were all on stage singing and dancing and even removing their jackets to use as part of their dance routine. 

Although the performance may not have earned them an award as fans believe it should have, it was a loved performance by fans and audience members. The audience cheered the entire time, hyping up the beloved pop group.  

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