Bruce Willis Razzie for Worst Performance taken back after aphasia announcement

Bruce Willis arriving at the Tony Bennett Celebrates 90: The Best Is Yet To Come
Bruce Willis’ Razzie for Worst Performance is being taken back. Pic credit:
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Bruce Willis is no longer the recipient of this year’s Worst Performance Razzie.

The organization is pulling the Razzie from the actor after learning that he suffers from aphasia.

Bruce’s family recently broke the news but did not explain what caused the actor’s condition.

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Bruce Willis is no longer the recipient of this year’s Worst Performance Razzie

Bruce was given his own category at the Razzies (or Golden Raspberry Awards), with eight nominations for his performances in 2021.

It was Bruce’s performance in Cosmic Sin that had earned him a Razzie for Worst Performance over the past weekend.

However, on Thursday, Razzie co-founders Mo Murphy and John Wilson said in a statement, “If someone’s medical condition is a factor in their decision making and/or their performance, we acknowledge that it is not appropriate to give them a Razzie.”

Hence, they are rescinding the award.

Bruce Willis’ family announced that he has aphasia

On Wednesday, Bruce’s wife, Emma Heming Willis, shared that the actor will be retiring from acting as he suffers from aphasia.

She shared the news on Instagram, with the post including a photo of Bruce and the statement, which was signed by Bruce’s entire family.

What is aphasia?

According to the Mayo Clinic, aphasia is a disease of the brain that impacts one’s ability to communicate. It impacts a person’s ability to recall words, remember certain things and understand both written and verbal language.

There are different patterns of aphasia, but all are related to language difficulty. The severity of the condition depends on its cause and the extent of the brain damage.

Aphasia is typically caused by brain trauma, usually from a previous stroke or head injury. It can also come from brain tumors or may be degenerative.

Such brain trauma leads to a lack of blood flow to the areas of the brain that control language, resulting in a diagnosis of aphasia.

The disease is treatable with speech and language therapy, but recovery is often slow and few people regain their full ability to communicate.

There currently remains no clear answers as to how Bruce got aphasia and whether or not it stemmed from an onset injury, but fans are still speculating as to the cause.

One theory is that Bruce may have suffered a stroke that was not revealed to the public in recent months or years.

For now, Bruce’s family has asked for privacy and respect as they deal with the life-changing diagnosis.

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