Brooke Mueller ‘drug’ video: Charlie Sheen’s ex caught on camera allegedly doing crystal meth

Brooke Mueller
Brooke Mueller was caught on video doing what looked to be crystal meth. Pic credit: @ImageCollect/Carrie-nelson

A video has been released which allegedly shows Brooke Mueller preparing to smoke crystal meth.

In the footage, Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife is shown inside a van clutching what appears to be a pipe and a lighter.

In the clip, from July 2018, the former TV host says, “Just how am I gonna wake up tomorrow, and who’s gonna drive me?”

It’s claimed the video, obtained by Page Six, came as Brooke was on a drug binge and continued to party after leaving one of her sons, who was aged just nine at the time, back in a hotel room by himself.

Sources claim that Mueller, 41, traveled to Spokane, Washington, for a wild weekend of partying where she visited a strip club then ended up having her purse with all her credit cards stolen, so she had to beg strangers for money.

When her son Bobby also arrived in the city, she is said to have taken him to the home of a wealthy male friend. However, after the friend reportedly kicked them out she is claimed to have taken Bobby to a nearby hotel where an acquaintance checked him in, while Mueller allegedly went searching for drugs and ended up inside the van as shown in the video.

A source told Page Six that as Mueller prepared to light up her pipe, Bobby was sitting alone in the hotel room. His twin brother Max was reportedly away at a camp.

After Brooke left her son in the hotel room, staff who noticed that she was intoxicated reportedly called the police.

When they arrived, an officer was left to watch over Bobby until Brooke returned about an hour later. She was not charged, but was said to have been very upset that the hotel staff had called the police.

The incident allegedly happened a year before she reportedly showed up in July 2019 at a Rite Aid in Southampton, NY, with “suitcases of drugs” and took to the streets of Queens in search for even more drugs.

An audiotape recording allegedly reveals her asking a man for “cocaine, meth, crystal and coke” and if possible “it has be the tar, black tar (heroine).”

Another source told Page Six that her family is very concerned about her most recent return to drug use.

Sheen’s ex-wife is known to have been battling drug addiction for years and she has been in and out of rehab multiple times. She shares the twins Bobby and Max with Charlie Sheen, but the couple filed for divorce in 2011 after only three years of marriage, and she has physical custody of them.

Following the latest report, Brooke is said to have voluntarily checked into a trauma rehabilitation facility on the East Coast.

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