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Brooke Houts dog video: Watch the clip as YouTuber issues Twitter statement denying animal abuse

YouTuber Brooke Houts
YouTuber Brooke Houts faces backlash after video shows her apparently hitting her dog. Pic credit: YouTube

YouTuber Brooke Houts has issued a statement denying accusations of animal abuse following a huge backlash on YouTube and Twitter after she uploaded footage in which she appears to angrily push and hit her dog.

Earlier this week, Houts, a 20-year-old from Los Angeles, California, who runs a YouTube account with more than 330,000 subscribers, shared a video titled “Plastic wrap prank on my doberman!” The unedited version of the video, which she mistakenly uploaded, showed her hitting her Doberman named Sphinx.

Soon after she uploaded the video several viewers began expressing outrage about the way she treated her dog. Realizing her mistake she took down the video and uploaded an edited version. But it was too late because the video had gone viral with hundreds of viewers posting disapproving comments that snowballed into a huge backlash.

Brooke Houts later took to Twitter to apologize about the footage, but she denied that she actually abused her dog. Clearly, her apology was not accepted as social media users continued to voice their outrage over what many believed to be animal abuse.

Many of her subscribers and followers on Twitter, including YouTube celebrities and PETA activists, did not find her explanation convincing. They expressed disgust and called for the authorities to take her dog away. The also called for YouTube to take down her account.

LAPD has confirmed that they received several complaints and that their Animal Cruelty Task Force was investigating

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