Brooke Hogan is the ‘luckiest girl’

Brooke Hogan on the red carpet.
Brooke Hogan felt like the “luckiest girl.” Pic credit: © Smith/Featureflash

Brooke Hogan is living her best life.

Hulk Hogan’s daughter was all dolled up as she was on her way to a Stevie Nicks concert.

She wore a black hat with her signature platinum blonde hair worn down.

Brooke added the photo to her Instagram Stories and moved around so that she could groove while showing off her outfit.

The former reality star considered herself the “luckiest girl” as she was heading to the concert.

Even though Brooke wasn’t bikini-clad, she was definitely serving looks.

What was Brooke Hogan wearing?

On her Instagram Story, Brooke Hogan revealed she was heading to a Stevie concert.

She chose her outfit carefully, trying to go with the vibe that seeing Stevie would bring.

Brooke wore a black hat with her hair straight down. Her makeup was minimal, as she used more neutral eyeshadow. The eyelashes were on point, as were her brows.

If there’s one thing Hulk Hogan’s daughter knows, it’s how to dress up and look amazing while doing it.

Brooke Hogan on her way to see Stevie Nicks.
Pic credit: @mizzhogan/Instagram

The photo showed Brooke wearing a crocheted vest over her black shirt. It appeared long-sleeved, but her arms were out of sight as she took her selfie.

Brooke Hogan enjoys showing off her toned physique

There’s nothing like a good thirst trap from Brooke Hogan.

She has blown up on social media, and sharing swimsuit photos all summer has helped.

Her most recent thirst trap featured the beautiful blonde in a bikini lying in the water and sand. Even though it was fall, Brooke wasn’t ready to let the summer go so quickly. It has become a staple for her page, with some other outfits that show off the body she has worked hard to maintain over the years.

While she is Hulk Hogan’s daughter, Brooke also has her own career. She was given a spin-off, Brooke Knows Best when Hogan Knows Best was canceled, and the show featured her in her life. It only lasted one season, but from there, Brooke went on to have a successful design business, and it continues to grow.

Hopefully, as the night goes on, Brooke will share more photos from the concert and her adventure. She was channeling Stevie Nicks hard in her outfit; if nothing else, she looked part flower child and part glam girl.

Brooke Hogan was living her best life as she headed to the Stevie Nicks concert.

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