Brooke Hogan is pretty in pink to share an important message about self-love

Brooke Hogan
Brooke Hogan at Netflix’s Glow Los Angeles premiere. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia

With some new music on the way, Brooke Hogan recently reminisced over a previous time in her life when she needed some encouragement from her future self.

The 34-year-old singer and former professional wrestler took to her Instagram Story to share a photo from a performance she did years ago.

With her blonde hair flowing, Brooke wore a short skirt featuring various shades of pink and yellow stripes. A skull pendant was visible on a metal clip along with additional black fabric hanging from the front of her skirt.

For her top, she wore a black bra underneath a bright pink vest with two belts across it, revealing her shoulders, arms, and toned midsection.

As her accessories, Brooke wore silver earrings, a bracelet, and a dangling heart pendant on a thin necklace. In her performance pic, she’s holding the microphone in one hand and the mic stand in the other.

She shared text across the bottom of her IG Story slide reflecting on that moment from her life, which took place 16 years ago.

“I wish I loved myself more here. Even at all. So young and pretty. I didn’t know it or see it. I felt like I could never be good enough,” Brooke wrote in her message.

“But what a fun time for my music from a new me. Who is surrounded by such. Good. People. Who believe in myself more than ever,” she shared.

brooke hogan shares ig post about her past look
Pic credit: @mizzhogan/Instagram

Brooke Hogan performed her biggest hit in 2006

With the Instagram Story slide above, Brooke Hogan also directed fans and followers to a post from @popculturebarbiex (below), which captures another image from the performance.

It took place in 2006 on MTV’s TRL, aka Total Request Live, a daily show which featured a rundown of the most popular music videos of the day or week. In addition, musicians stopped by for live performances.

Brooke’s TRL performance was for her song About Us featuring rapper Paul Wall. The Instagram carousel post below highlights other moments from the performance with Brooke and others on stage.

The song About Us was Brooke’s biggest hit of her music career, reaching No. 33 on the United States Billboard charts. Other songs she’s released include 2009’s Falling featuring Stacks and 2017’s Taste Like Summer.

While there’s a five-year period without notable releases, she’s still at it. Brooke, the daughter of wrestling legend Hulk Hogan, continues to write and record new music.

Brooke Hogan teased new music in 2021

Brooke’s IG Story slide above didn’t give specifics about her new music. However, she spoke about it and previewed some during an October 2021 appearance on Hollywood Podcast with Dax Holt and Adam Glyn.

“Starting Halloween, we’re going to start pushing out some new music,” Brooke said, adding, “I am going to release a little bit of my old stuff. Just because way, way, way, way, way back, I was actually with Lou Pearlman in Orlando, Florida, when I was 13 years old, and that was the boyband era, right? And we had made a whole album, a really good album too.”

Brooke said that when Pearlman went to jail, her album “went poof in the thin air” because all of his stuff got seized and auctioned off, including “physical hard drives that looked like VHS tapes and plastic CDs.”

She said she had no legal recourse to get that older music, but her fans have really wanted to hear it.

Brooke’s music will include some of her older unreleased pop songs she feels still sound good today. In addition, she also said she has “a ton of new music” that she did in between the “crazy decorating crap” she’s also been doing.

At the 47:30 mark of the video below, the hosts encouraged Brooke to preview her previously unreleased song Better and she gives a sneak peek.

After hearing the song preview, the hosts said they could see it blowing up on TikTok and it has that pop feel of the past.

“It gives you a sort of nostalgic Ciara feel,” Brooke said in describing the vibe of her song.

There’s more of that on the way, along with newer music Brooke has ready for her fans, at a time in her life when she’s also feeling a lot better about who she is and who she’s surrounded herself with.

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