Brooke Hogan shows off new black-and-white pic as she talks ‘being strong’

Brooke Hogan attends a Cancer Research Fundraiser.
Brooke Hogan looked stunning a black-and-white bikini snap to kick off Monday. Pic credit: ©

Brooke Hogan looked to be working in a little bikini magic to break up the Monday blues as she posed for a stunning new black-and-white pic.

The daughter of famous wrestler Hulk Hogan brought a bit of summer to the web with her latest snap, going with a tiny bikini for her post.

Brooke kept her long, platinum locks down around her shoulders and appeared to have already taken a dip as her strands clung together in stringy formations.

Piercing the screen with her signature gaze, her golden-hued eyes still holding viewers captive despite the black-and-white coloring, Brooke looked as stunning as always.

She stood in a field of wild grasses almost as tall as she was, with tufts of seemingly-white fluff capping off the stalks.

Showing just the upper half of her body, Brooke rocked the string bikini top, showing off her tiny, flat middle underneath as her belly button stud sparkled against her skin.

“No one notices when the strong one is tired of being strong,” she captioned the post, leaving followers to decipher the cryptic message themselves.

Brooke Hogan teams up with Southern Beads

While the star might be well-known for her online presence and having the last name shared by her famous father, she has lent her own powerhouse moniker to a company she clearly cares about a lot, given the star doesn’t often partner with labels.

In a tropical-looking post shared by Brooke a week ago, the winner of the Teen Choice Award for Choice Grill and Choice TV Female Reality Star cutely snuggled a baby tortoise while clad in a stunning turquoise maxi dress.

Seen standing over the small animal as she petted its head, Brooke’s face was shrouded by her posture, but an array of beautiful beads were clearly visible, dangling around her wrist.

The blues, whites, and browns of the stones played perfectly against the striking color of her dress, as Brooke tagged Southern Beads Co. as the source of her stylish accessory.

As reported by Monsters and Critics, Southern Beads Co. is a brand based in Tennessee which prides themselves on using authentic, real stones for each of their items.

Aside from casually tagging what must be one of her favorite jewelry companies, Brooke also took time aside from her career to tout ParaSlim.

Brooke Hogan credits weight loss to ParaSlim

While Brooke has conquered any weight issues she may have struggled with in the past, the star said she struggled with her body and went so far as to film a promo video for the weight loss company ParaSlim several years ago.

Seen standing with the backdrop of a beautiful beach outside the windows behind her, Brooke candidly spoke about her difficulties in losing unwanted pounds while talking up ParaSlim.

“When I noticed some unwanted inches, I decided to confront my problem head-on and lose some weight,” she said in the video.

She went on to say that she uses ParaSlim products to maintain her slender physique, sharing that the company offers “all-natural supplements” that help users shed pounds.

“[ParaSlim] jumpstarts my metabolism,” she claimed, adding that it also boosted her metabolism and gave her extra energy throughout the day.

Brooke also shared that ParaSlim featured an online tracking system that helped her log her meals and count her calorie intake to ensure she was putting the extra work on the side to help boost the supplement’s effectiveness.

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