Brooke Hogan gets real about losing friends while ‘finding’ herself

Brooke Hogan poses at an event.
Brooke Hogan rocked her version of a little black dress while lamenting losing friends. Pic credit: ©

Brooke Hogan shared some insight and slightly cryptic words for her latest online post while looking stunning in a long-sleeved black dress.

The blonde beauty looked as stunning as always for her share as she gazed away from the lens and showed her outfit from the waist up.

Keeping her locks down to hang around her shoulders, Brooke made her already-flawless features pop even more with subtle hints of blush, foundation, and eye makeup.

Using a touch of gloss to highlight her lips, Brooke, the daughter of famous wrestling legend Hulk Hogan, leaned into the side of a wall with one arm while resting her other hand on the opposite side of the hallway.

Brooke’s attire was simple yet glamorous as the model and former TV personality sported a stylish dress that was perfect for the chilly winter months with its long sleeves and high collar.

“The more I find myself the more people I lose,” she captioned the shot without offering more details on exactly what she meant.

Fans rally behind Brooke Hogan after she shares she’s losing friendships

Brooke’s followers supported their favorite star’s latest admission, showering her with empathy and good vibes.

“Their loss 😢you look amazing ❤️🔥,” one fan said, as another provided their take on her words, saying, “Sometimes that is actually the most positive result…you don’t need people holding you down…❤️🔥.”

Someone else seemingly agreed with the others’ comments, telling Brooke that losing friends along the way to finding one’s true self only proves which people were not needed in the first place.

Brooke Hogan's fans share their thoughts about her latest cryptic post.
Brooke Hogan’s fans comment on her latest post. Pic credit: @mizzhogan/Instagram

While Brooke’s recent post may have left fans worried about the star’s well-being, she certainly hasn’t given her followers cause for concern in terms of her career aspirations and achievements.

Brooke Hogan is the founder of BB Designs by Brooke

Founded in 2018, BB Designs by Brooke aims to help Nashville-based AirBNBs furnish their pads with the very best products available.

As detailed in the About Us section of the company’s website, Brooke started the gig to tap into her passion for interior decorating.

“BB offers specialty interior design planning specific to AirBnB requirements and provides assistance every step of the way,” the site details.

“In addition, BB specializes in high-end residential decor, home organization, and event planning.”

Interestingly, the main photo featured on the site looks to be an identical mirror-image copy of the one shared in her latest post, perhaps tying her online share to her business venture.

As far as the work provided by BB Designs, the site purports to offer services at half the price of most other design companies while boasting a slew of handy crew personnel on staff to take care of any little issue that may arise during the process.

The site also claims to have cleaning services wrapped into the bundle, giving the property owner a chance to focus on more important things other than tidying up a remodeling mess.

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