Brooke Burke stuns makeup free in a lacy tank top and ripped jeans for a casual shopping trip

Brooke Burke Closeup
Brooke Burke stuns makeup free for a weekday shopping trip. Pic credit: ©

Brooke Burke is a truly stunning woman, even when she throws her hair up in a messy bun for a weekday shopping trip sans makeup and bra.

The 50-year-old beauty was spotted doing just that on Monday as she exited Erewhon Market on Monday with one of her daughters.

For the grocery store run, Brooke kept it very casual, opting to go makeup free. She wore a lace-lined, spaghetti strap tank top with a pair of ripped jeans and sneakers.

The fitness buff and TV show host accessorized the outfit with layered gold chains, gold hoop earrings, and all of her hair piled on top of her head.

Brooke carried a yellow purse on one shoulder with a handful of napkins in that hand. She toted the paper shopping bag with the other.

Her shopping companion also paired a tank top and denim for the trip. She also carried one shopping bag while balancing a takeout tray and even more napkins in the other. There wasn’t a shopping cart in sight.

Brooke Burke goes super casual and makeup free for grocery shopping
Brooke Burke goes super casual and makeup free for grocery shopping. Pic credit: Clint Brewer Photography/A.I.M/Backgrid

Brooke Burke takes her workout to the beach

Taking to her Brooke Burke Body Instagram page last week, the company’s namesake showed off her killer body in a blue bikini with black trim to promote her business.

In the caption, she wrote, “Pick your program! We have a full carousel of Beach BURNs. Lets take it outside this week. if you’re a subscriber check your email lots of new things happening. #BrookeBurkeBODY.”

In a video, also in the Instagram post, Brooke shared one of her beach workouts, working her arms with pink dumbells as the waves crashed in behind her.

Brooke also uses yoga to keep her mind and body fit

In addition to strenuous beach workouts that Brooke Burke makes look easy, she’s also a big yoga enthusiast.

Last month, Brooke shared her love of yoga with her 52,700 Instagram followers. And like the previous Brooke Burke Body post, she made sure that the backdrop for this group workout was breathtaking.

While balancing on the front end of a boat with three other women, Brooke and company carefully performed leg lifts and other poses while on all fours while wearing bikinis.

It was quite a site with the tall cliff-like rocks and sapphire blue ocean water behind them, making for the perfect place to “Let it burn.”

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