Brooke Burke shows off incredibly toned physique for bikini beach walk

Brooke Burke
Brooke Burke is stunning in a tiny bikini showing her incredibly toned physique. Pic credit: © Thompson/Admedia

Fitness guru Brooke Burke is enjoying her last days of summer as she prepares for the inevitable cool down of fall later this year.

Her latest post comes after working on her latest business endeavor, Longevity by Booke Burke Body.

She’s currently counting down to the launch of her latest product, which appears to be a smoothie or drink mix like for working out or general health benefits.

Aside from her Longevity launch, Brooke is still working on yoga and high intensity interval training to stay in shape.

It’s clear that the workouts are helping Brooke remain in shape as she sports an incredibly toned figure at 50.

Although summer is close to leaving, Brooke is enjoying her last moments on the beaches of Malibu and showing her incredibly fit physique in a tiny string bikini.

Brooke Burke ‘ringing out last days of summer’ in string bikini

Brooke shared two posts with her 472 thousand Instagram followers as the clock changed from August 31 to September 1, the true beginning of the end of summer.

She wrote in one photo, “Just ringing out the last days of summer… [sun emoji] slow down September!”

In the picture, she was smiling wide as she walked in the ocean’s tide in a string bikini that featured a white and pink floral pattern.

The bikini revealed her toned abs and legs as she walked, proving that her healthy lifestyle and workout routines are paying off.

She shared another photo to her Instagram Stories that noted the temperature was 100 degrees Fahrenheit in Malibu, proof that summer still remains.

Brooke Burke's Instagram Story
Pic credit: @brookeburke/Instagram

Brooke’s fit figure is undeniable as she sizzles in the summer sun, and she has given some insight into how she maintains her figure at 50.

Brooke Burke reveals how she has maintained her abs at 50

For the most part, Brooke keeps her body looking trim and youthful with hard work and keeping track of her diet.

She mostly discusses her workouts and diet plans on her website or app and notes that “intermittent fasting has been great.” She also has “a collection” of shake and smoothie recipes “that are really good for my body.”

Brooke Burke on the red carpet
Brooke Burke is turning 51 next week, but she still looks incredible. Pic credit: ©

Brooke’s website features a wide variety of different workout routines, which she’s called “bite-sized burns.” And she informs potential workout students to “Jump-start your energy, metabolism, and mood with target toning, total body, and mindful movement sessions that fuel a sense of accomplishment and compound results over time.”

Most importantly, she says that movement is the most important thing. She told Closer Weekly that movement is “important for stress” and “important for the kids.”

Brooke mostly enjoys weightlifting and cardio exercises but is a big advocate for short bursts of working out as well, such as small five-minute exercises to sculpt the body.

All in all, Brooke loves the benefits she gets from being active.

“One of the reasons that I work out so much is for energy, it’s for my immune system, it’s to balance stress and there’s lots of other things that I do. There’s so many things out there that are available, but I think it’s really important what we put into our body, as much as we take care of our body with fitness.”

Brooke Burke and Scott Rigsby
Brooke Burke poses with her fiance, Scott Rigsby. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Brooke Burke is launching a plant based energy drink called Longevity

Brooke is increasing her growing number of business ventures with another innovation later this month. Details are still a little scarce, but as mentioned above, the actor seems to be launching a plant based energy drink called Longevity by Brooke Burke Body. This will be available for sale on September 19.

The Dancing With The Stars entrepreneur posted a pic of herself to Instagram with the “ladies” to toast the drink’s upcoming launch.

In the caption, Brooke wrote, “Countdown to our launch! I’m celebrating with these fabulous ladies! Join us on the path to #longevity. Stay tuned… @longevitybrookeburkebody.”

Brooke seems to be keeping herself very active and busy.

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