Brooke Burke shares inspirational message for black-and-white glam

Brooke Burke close up
Brooke Burke was stunning for an inspirational message. Pic credit: ©

Brooke Burke is stunning, but she recently shared how gorgeous she is on the inside too.

The TV personality included a heartfelt caption along with a lovely lace number on her Instagram feed, and the result was breathtaking on all fronts.

The sheer lace cover-up had her looking elegant and refined, which was further amplified by the black and white filter over the image. It featured a V-neckline and loose, elbow-length sleeves.

The fitness personality’s luscious locks tumbled over her right shoulder in voluminous waves from a side part. Her makeup was lovely, with dark lashes, defined brows, and glossy lips.

In her caption, Brooke dived into the importance of self-reflection. When writing about it, she said, “It’s an exercise that I do every season to create positive inner dialogue, self-awareness, friendly, reminders & loving intentions, though the lense of TRUTH.”

Brooke posed with a writing utensil held up close to her chin and with a pensive look on her face. She was clearly in self-reflection mode as she contemplated her inner mind.

Brooke Burke has a fitness app

Brooke’s thoughtful post also made a mention that there would be a link in her Instagram Story that she hoped would inspire her followers to reflect on their perceptions.

Her story delivered on the promise and showed even more questions that may challenge and encourage one’s perception to change and grow. The link sent readers to a thought-provoking article on her website.

Brooke Burke's Instagram story.
Brooke Burke reflects in her Instagram Story. Pic credit: @brookeburke/Instagram

It doesn’t take long on the website before seeing that Brooke has her own fitness app. The app assures users that it will take them on a course to “transform your body, mind, and spirit” through at-home workout plans and routines.

The businesswoman also offers a seven-day free trial on the app. After that, the plan is available for $14.99 per month or $129.99 per year.

The plan must work wonders, as it is thought up by Brooke, the fitness guru herself.

Brooke Burke shares a poetic meditation

Brooke’s knowledge of health doesn’t stop at fitness, as it also expands into mindfulness. She also included a link in another Instagram Story that sent her interested followers to a YouTube video by her that has a mindful meditation practice.

The author’s voice spoke calmingly over the video as she read her own poetic words. She wrote these words in the midst of her self-reflection — and it shows.

Brooke Burke's Instagram Story.
Brooke Burke shares a mindful meditation. Pic credit: @brookeburke/Instagram

Brooke’s meditation is a letter from herself to herself. She included in her letter, “I have finally slowed down. I am here. I am looking at you. I am listening. I am tuning in to your little voice, and I want to hear you.”

The actress’ video showed relaxing waves, along with an image of her meditating by an open and airy window near the ocean.

Brooke is clearly on the road to improving herself, and now she has shared some insights with her fans as well.

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