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Brooke Burke in plunging bikini shows off incredible abs at 51

Brooke Burke
Brooke Burke is sizzling in a plunging bikini. Pic credit: ©

Brooke Burke just celebrated turning 51 earlier this month, and she looks as stunning and fit as ever after aging another year.

Taking to her Instagram page on Tuesday, she shared a post with her followers dedicated to feeling good “no matter what.”

She wrote, “51 💥 It’s all about feeling good in your skin no matter what! #weekend shoots @longevitybrookeburkebody,” plugging her own business products.

The picture showed Brooke standing outside in a plunging animal print bikini as she gave a grin to the side of the camera.

The bikini revealed her incredibly ripped abs, with muscle definition showing even when she seemed to be in a relaxed pose.

Her arms and legs featured the same definition, though that’s no surprise based on her latest workout video.

Brooke’s secret to staying in shape isn’t really a secret; she does it the old-fashioned way: Through a healthy diet and working out.

Brooke Burke opens up on intermittent fasting diet

Speaking to Women’s Health a couple of years ago, Brooke revealed she usually only eats two meals a day and eats based on an intermittent fasting schedule.

She revealed that she “makes it very simple” and generally only eats within “an eight-hour window.”

She also doesn’t miss out on flavors and doesn’t go hungry, although she does skip breakfast. She revealed that for breakfast, she usually just grabs a cup of coffee, and might add cream, butter, or ghee if she feels the need.

For lunch, she revealed that she tries to have a “post-workout shake,” which generally consists of almond milk, almond butter, collagen proteins, and more. She notes that it keeps her full “for a while.”

On days where she doesn’t have a shake, she might do a Cobb salad, opting for bacon, chicken, and cheese for a lot of protein and fat, and often adds carrots, avocados, nuts, and other vegetables along with homemade dressing.

For dinner, Brooke goes for another big salad and a protein of either filet mignon or fish, as she doesn’t eat a lot of pork or shellfish. Occasionally she will make roasted veggies or zucchini pasta.

Brooke Burke runs her own workouts

As far as fitness, Brooke has become somewhat of a pioneer when it comes to running her own workouts and has her own app and website.

She often does yoga and weight training, and some of her workouts combine the two for the ultimate workout.

She also focuses on different body sculpting techniques and targets specific areas of the body to tone them.

More info can be found on her website, along with the option to sign up for her Zoom classes every Friday.