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Brooke Burke in bikini offers summer motivation

Brooke Burke smiles close up
Brooke Burke smiles close up. Pic credit: @brookeburke/Instagram

Brooke Burke is making sure everyone can have a fit and healthy summer.

The 50-year-old media personality and fitness guru has been busy showing off her sensational workout body on her Instagram and on her Brooke Burke Body’s one – the latter was the account bringing a stunning sunset snap of Brooke this week as fans got a little “motivation.”

Brooke Burke in bikini for sunset summer motivation

The photo only showed Brooke’s silhouette as she lay flat on a poolside deck and stretched one leg into a folded pose while bikini-clad.

Affording enviable ocean views beyond the pool as she also drew the eye with her toned legs and pointed feet, the brunette sent out a calm and zen energy as she appeared to meditate – a caption, meanwhile, both pumped fans up and delivered a little self-acceptance.

“You’re allowed to be a work in progress and a masterpiece simultaneously. Enjoy your summer. Let is [sic] burn!!! XoXo – Brooke,” text read.

A caption, meanwhile, told fans: “Summer motivation & inspiration.” The post came as Brooke continues to promote her Sexy Strong Summer fitness challenge.

Brooke had shown she means business just days earlier as she delivered a perfectly-balanced and outdoor yoga stretch while smiling and wearing tight green shorts and a red sports bra. Lifting her leg up high and holding it up with an outstretched arm, Brooke wrote:

“So many great workouts for you this summer! New content, community & fitness inspiration. If you haven’t started our SEXY, strong Summer challenge, it’s not too late‼️”

Former Wild On! face Brooke has everyone asking how she looks so good at 50. The mom of four is an open book, and she comes with tips.

Brooke Burke dishes on looking so good at 50

Brooke was this year profiled by Sports Illustrated Swim, stating:

“Hydrate! Believe it or not, water is your best friend for youthful beauty. Increasing your water intake will help replenish your skin and body and curb your appetite. Intermittent fasting allows your body more time to rest and recover, which is imperative while aging. Get your Zs. A good night’s sleep reduces stress, improves metabolism and gives you the energy to live a vigorous and healthy life.”

Looking back on it, Burke continued: “In my 20s, I did not know how to fuel and feed my body. I spent too much time weighing food, working my body for endless hours in the gym, and making sacrifices that were not enjoyable. I wish I would’ve known about good fats.”

Her choices? Avocados, macadamia nuts, plus olive oil.

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