Brooke Burke celebrates interview in workout gear

Close-up of Brooke Burke
Brooke Burke at the 5th Annual Red Carpet Safety Awareness Event in September 2016. Pic credit: ©

Brooke Burke looked fit and happy as she posed for a photo with TV host Bianca Rae following an interview this week for Spectrum News.

The glamorous pair celebrated a successful day, wearing sports bras, leggings, and gym sneakers.

Brooke’s hair was pulled back into a ponytail, and she looked the definition of fit as she raised a toast with Bianca.

The pair held glasses and drank to Brooke’s newest venture – Longevity by Brooke Burke Body.

Longevity is a plant-based superfood supplement made from “mindful” ingredients, including goji berries, maca root, flaxseed, and chia seeds. It is currently available in cacao or cafe mocha flavors and retails for $49.95 for a single bag.

In a recent interview with the Women’s Sports Network, Brooke explained how the powder contains everything the body needs for energy, focus, recovery, and even has anti-inflammatory benefits.

Brooke Burke and Bianca Rae pose holding a smoothie
Pic credit: @brookeburkebody/Instagram

Brooke Burke shares fitness tips during a candid interview

Brooke Burke invited journalist Bianca Rae to her Malibu home to share her life and tips on how she stays so fit and healthy.

Wearing a matching pink activewear set and looking as gorgeous as ever, the mom of four takes Bianca through a one-on-one glute workout in the garden.

When asked why fitness is such a big part of her life, Brooke responds that she has “come from a family of addiction, so I just know how important it is to make the decision to care for ourselves.”

Brooke reveals that she’s now focusing on “fitness mindfulness,” and we see her taking part in a sound bath in her garden. Part of this mindfulness is choosing what to put in her body, which inspired her to create her new Longevity superfood supplement.

Brooke Burke reveals her favorite cheat food during an interview

During the interview for Spectrum News, Bianca challenged Brooke to a round of quickfire questions, where she revealed some fun answers and showed her bubbly personality.

When asked her favorite cheat food Brooke quickly replies, “pizza,” and when given a choice between red or white wine, she laughs, “I have to choose?! Red!”

Bianca also asks what her favorite quote or mantra to live by is. Brooke replies, “I am worthy,” before throwing her hands in the air and saying that her favorite thing about Southern California is the sunshine!

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