Brooke Burke celebrates her body in stunning outdoor shoot

Close-up of Brooke Burke
Brooke Burke at the iHeartRadio Podcast Awards in January 2020. Pic credit: ©

Brooke Burke stripped back for her followers this week as she asked them to share their body stories with her.

The TV personality and wellness guru posed in nothing but her birthday suit as she sat on a rocky beach with the wind blowing in her hair.

The 51-year-old showed off her toned body and impressive physique in the black-and-white image, which was shot by the photographer Brian Bowen Smith.

She captioned the intimate photograph by saying, “My BODY STORY is strong, confident & honest. Thank you @brianbowensmith 📷 for capturing this moment to tell it. In my vulnerability I see myself honestly.”

Brooke shared another photo from the stunning shoot on her @brookeburkebody account. This time, she sat in profile, showing off her toned thighs and stomach while her hair covered her face in damp curls.

For this image, she wrote, “My Body Story is strong but vulnerable, honest & true. In this moment there was no hiding. Thank you @brianbowensmith 📷 for seeing me. What’s the naked TRUTH of your BODY story?”

Brooke Burke encourages fans to tell their body stories

In a previous post, Brooke explained the concept of body stories, telling her 493,000 followers that “it’s about taking ownership of your body and knowing it’s your story.”

It seems she wants her fans to stop negative thinking towards themselves and reframe their thoughts into something positive.

Brooke went on to explain her thoughts further in an Instagram Story and wrote, “Think about your personal body story…the harsh judgments you make about your imperfections…the unfair comparisons you make to others.”

Screenshot of Brooke's words
Brooke Burker talks about body positivity. Pic credit: @brookeburkebody/Instagram

It seems positive thinking is a big part of Brooke’s wellness journey!

Brooke Burke uses Longevity for intermittent fasting

In a recent interview with the Daily Mail, Brooke revealed she is “obsessed” with biohacking.

Biohacking is a form of do-it-yourself biology where people make changes to their lifestyle and diet to improve their health and well-being. Some may use fitness trackers or take part in holistic therapies.

One of the most common ways of biohacking is taking supplements or ‘smart drugs’.Brooke likes to supplement her diet with her own product, Longevity, which is a superfood dietary supplement in tandem with intermittent fasting.

This week she posted a video that featured a voiceover of Brooke and her fiancé, Scott Rigsby, having a conversation about breaking their fast with a superfood shake made with Longevity powder.

Longevity is currently available in three flavors, and prices start from $40.

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