Broadway star Quentin Oliver Lee dies after battle with cancer

Quentin Oliver Lee poses for a selfie on his Instagram
Broadway actor, Quentin Oliver Lee, has passed away at age 34. Pic credit: @quentinsings/Instagram

Broadway star, Quentin Oliver Lee, passed away on December 1, 2022. The actor, who starred in works like The Phantom of the Opera, died at age 34 after battling stage 4 colon cancer.

Lee’s wife, Angie Lee Graham, made the heartbreaking announcement on social media. In the announcement, she stated that Lee had passed away in the early morning.

However, she confirmed she got to hold his hand “tight” during his last moments. Graham also stated that he had died peacefully, with a smile on his face, and was surrounded by all those who loved him.

She went on to provide the extensive list of titles that Lee had donned during his lifetime and called him “an incredible man, husband, father, son, brother, friend, singer, actor, and disciple of Christ.”

Graham went on to state that the words “he will be dearly missed” could not fully encompass just how much Lee would be missed. She said he had the power to make individuals “better people.”

She concluded that she and her daughter, Samantha, were supported by family. Graham stated that, though she may not respond to every message, every message of love would be “read and felt.”

Quentin Oliver Lee was a father, husband, and actor

Graham paired her heartfelt tribute to Lee with several beautiful photographs. The photos showed her, Lee, and Samantha posing for several sweet family photos.

In one picture, Lee cradled Samantha in his arms while sitting on a park bench. In another, he posed, giving her a bear hug from behind as she squealed in delight, and in the last photo, he and Graham both gazed lovingly at Samantha between them.

Graham made the announcement on Lee’s Instagram page, which was largely filled with photos of him, Graham, and Samantha.

In addition to being a doting father and husband, Lee was also a talented actor. In 2018, he starred in the titular role of The Phantom of the Opera for its North American tour.

His role as the lead in The Phantom of the Opera kickstarted his acting career. By 2021 he nabbed a role in Broadway’s Tony-nominated musical Caroline, or Change, and by 2022 he appeared in the sold-out Off-Broadway production of Oratorio for Living Things.

Sadly, his career was interrupted when he was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer earlier this year.

Lee’s story and legacy

Lee revealed on June 5 that he had been diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. He shared the somber news with a snapshot of his hospital bracelet. Still, he encouraged his followers to come along on the “crazy” journey, which he poignantly documented through journal entries on CaringBridge.

In his entries, he candidly spoke about his cancer journey and also let his incredible sense of humor and perseverance shine through. He also showed how he saw the world as an actor and musician, even writing days after his diagnosis that he wanted to harmonize with “the soothing 125 decibels of sporadic jackhammering, clinging, bashing, whirlwind of sonic chaos” that he heard during his MRI.

Days later, he wrote a hilarious journal entry about how the doctors had recommended he get an ileostomy. Surprisingly, he was more than down for the idea indicating he had to capitalize on the chance to have “two bum holes.”

He also showed that he still got to partake in his art despite his diagnosis. On July 11, he wrote about how he got to reunite with the cast of Oratorio for Living Things and sing for an event in New York.

He stated of the event, “It was amazing to be back even if only for a moment.”

Lee was an incredible husband, father, and performer who tackled his battle with cancer with truly inspiring grace and strength.

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