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Brittany Mahomes in skintight spandex squats on the beach

Brittany Mahomes
Brittany Mahomes is showing off her latest line of workout gear. Pic credit: @brittanylynne/Instagram

Even with the due date for her second baby fast approaching, Brittany Mahomes is proving that you can still get a workout in while on the beach — and look great while doing it.

The fitness guru, who is married to Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, took to Instagram on Thursday to share her latest collection with her athletic wear line, Vitality X Brittany Mahomes.

The Sky Collection, which mimics the middle name of her daughter Sterling Skye, is full of colorful new pieces that will be available for purchase this coming Monday.

Brittany shared a video that showed her exercising on a beach in her new apparel, which she says is especially useful for her life as an active mom of a toddler.

Brittany is also currently pregnant with her and Patrick’s son, and showed off her growing baby bump while lunging and running on the beach in different articles of clothing from the collection.

In the video, Brittany was seen rocking a few different pale yellow and light blue workout sets that included sports bras, biker shorts, leggings, and zip-ups.

“Being a mom has given me a whole new meaning to staying active! The Skye Collection was designed to move WITH you, so you can keep up with all of life ahead of you!” She wrote.

Brittany Mahomes' Instagram page
Pic credit: @brittanylynne/Instagram

Along with the caption, Brittany also gave an in-depth narrative throughout the video to discuss the importance of motherhood and how it has affected her.

Brittany Mahomes describes motherhood in beach-themed video

While showing off her new apparel, the fitness trainer described how crucial it was for mothers to continue to focus on themselves, while still focusing on their children. For her, personally, she said it was an important balance for her to find — especially as a soon-to-be mother of two.

“Me being active and being able to do everything she wants to do and still, while I’m pregnant, has been crucial for me,” she said. “I feel like as a mom most people start to identify themselves as their child’s mom but I think it’s super important to still have your own identity and keep yourself going in the right direction while also leading your child in the right direction.”

She continued to admit that she doesn’t work out as much as she used to, simply because she wants to spend all of her free time with her daughter. Brittany joked that keeping up with an active toddler has done its job in keeping her in shape.

However, over on her Instagram Stories, Brittany admitted that her new activewear launch may just have been the push she needed to get back in the gym.

Brittany says she’s working out more due to new Skye Collection

Brittany shared a mirror selfie while rocking her new collection’s yellow warm-up top and a pair of blue spandex shorts. In the added text, she announced the date and time of the official launch, which will be Monday, 9/12 at 1 pm CST.

“I worked out 4 times this week,” she also wrote, before crediting her bright-colored outfit. “May or may not have had something to do with me getting to wear my collection.”

Brittnay's Instagram Stories
Pic credit: @brittanylynne/Instagram

The outfit Brittany was seen wearing in the photo, along with many other pieces from her new Skye Collection, will be available on Vitality’s website next week.