Brittany Aldean stuns in silver dress for CMA Awards

Brittany Aldean poses at the 2022 Academy of Country Music Awards
Brittany Aldean looked stunning in an elegant shimmering silver gown. Pic credit: ©

Brittany Aldean turned heads as she arrived at the 2022 CMA Awards with her husband, country singer Jason Aldean.

Jason was nominated for the Musical Event of the Year Award, and Brittany attended the show to support him. Meanwhile, Brittany made quite the entrance with her latest glamorous outfit.

She went all out for the occasion, donning a stunning shimmering silver gown. The gown was translucent, with intricate swirls of silver branching out over it in a beautiful pattern.

The gown was long-sleeved and featured a plunging neckline. It also cinched at the waist and showed off Brittany’s figure.

The dress pooled into a small train behind her. Meanwhile, Brittany went full glam with her make-up and had her blonde hair styled into smooth, silky curls.

Jason stuck to his typical style and boasted a button-up leather jacket, black pants, dress shoes, and a black cowboy hat. One photo captured them walking hand-in-hand at the awards ceremony.

Brittany Aldean proved she attended the CMAs

Brittany took to social media to show off her and Jason’s CMAs looks. In addition to the photo of her holding hands with Jason, she shared another of them exiting a car together.

The second photo revealed that she had a glittering matching handbag to go along with her gown.

However, her post served another purpose besides showing off their outfits. Brittany indicated in her caption that she wanted to provide “proof” that they did attend the CMAs this year.

The caption appeared to be a subtle reference to her ongoing feud with singer Maren Morris. The feud started when Maren took offense at some comments Brittany made about gender identity and quickly turned quite bitter over social media.

Maren had indicated that she wasn’t sure if she felt comfortable attending the CMAs since the Aldeans would be there. She ultimately did end up attending the ceremony, as well, though.

However, Brittany’s stunning appearance and her caption seemed to say quite clearly that a feud wasn’t going to stop her and Jason from showing up at the CMAs.

Brittany Aldea is the co-founder of Brittany + Kasi

While Brittany’s gender identity comments weren’t well received by many, she has continued to unapologetically stand by her beliefs. She even created a business inspired by her patriotism and conservative viewpoints.

Brittany founded Brittany + Kasi with the help of her sister, Kasi Rosa Wicks. The two launched the clothing brand in 2021 and have been steadily expanding it.

They started with several t-shirts emblazoned with phrases like “UNsilent Majority” and “Unapologetically Conservative.” Most recently, they launched a cowboy collection.

The collection features shirts that reminisce about cowboys and long to “make America cowboy again.” She and Wicks have promoted the collection by modeling the outfits on social media.

She also shared a behind-the-scenes video of the photoshoot that fittingly played to the backdrop of Jason’s song, Ain’t Enough Cowboy.

Brittany’s business venture and her social media quips have confirmed that she’s not one to back down or hide her opinions.

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