Brittany Aldean shows off three different miniskirt looks

Brittany Aldean in skirt
Brittany Aldean shows fans how they can style her cute grey skirt. Pic credit: @brittanyaldean/Instagram

Brittany Aldean has fans seeing triple in her latest photo.

The mother of two, being the fashionista she is, decided to show fans how to style a grey mini skirt. 

Attempting to find a style for everyone, she paired the skirt with a loose grey cropped sweater. She wore brown printed stockings and knee-high boots to make the outfit cold weather-friendly.  

In the second outfit, she ditched the sweater and went for a black short sleeve shirt. She opted out of stockings and went for simple black combat boots. She kept the accessories simple with a single gold chain and small black sunglasses.  

The last look gave a more relaxed feel as she sported a colorful Miles Davis shirt and Nike sneakers. Brittany kept the chain and added a gold bracelet and cat-eye sunglasses for her accessories.  

The American Idol alum wore her shoulder-length hair in light waves. She went for a soft glam with a gold cut-crease and pink lipstick.  

Brittany Aldean on instagram
Brittany Aldean shows off her three outfits. Pic credit: @brittanyaldean/Instagram

Brittany Aldean loves to dance for the camera  

Brittany is known for sharing her latest outfits with her fans. As a joke, she shared a Reel on Instagram showing exactly what it’s like to take a picture of her. She was seen dancing for the camera, showing off the fringes of her bright pink jacket.  

Then she showed the photos that had been taken of her, and they looked stunning. Instead of capturing her fun side, she showed a moment earlier, she gave the camera her best model poses. 

The former NBA cheerleader wore a bright pink blazer with matching high-waist shorts that showed off her toned legs. To tone down the outfit, she wore a black crop top underneath.  

Her pink and orange stilettos coordinated perfectly with her ensemble. To accessorize the look, she sported long rhinestone earrings and a small pink bag. 

She wore her hair in her signature blonde waves. She went for a natural makeup look, mainly highlighting her naturally gorgeous features. 

Brittany Aldean’s kids don’t know about their father’s fame 

Brittany and her husband, Jason Aldean, are well-known celebrities, especially in the country music world. However, their kids Memphis, 5, and Navy, 3, still don’t fully grasp the level of fame their parents have. 

When talking to Access Hollywood, Brittany explained that their work is not quite clear to the kids right now.   

“I think Memphis might because he’s been able to stay up for the shows, so he has moments of, ‘that’s my dad. what’s happening?’ But I don’t think they get it yet,” she said.

Her husband Jason agreed, saying, “I don’t think they’ve 100% figured it out yet, but hopefully, they’re watching at home tonight with their grandparents, and they can kinda see it.”

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