Brittany Aldean shows off impressive organizational skills as she packs for husband Jason Aldean’s tour

Brittany Aldean selfie
Brittany has perfected the art of packing with her extremely organized technique. Pic credit: @brittanyaldean/Instagram

Brittany Aldean has mastered the art of packing and organizing her outfits for her husband Jason Aldean’s concert tours.

As the wife of a country music superstar, Brittany knows that traveling is part of the routine.

Jason is currently touring the country on his Rock N’ Roll Cowboy Tour. Brittany and their kids, Memphis and Navy, usually tag along with Jason as he entertains millions all over the U.S.

Ahead of the northeastern leg of Jason’s tour, Brittany shared how she stays organized with her 2.3 million Instagram followers when packing for a 10-day getaway.

The XOBrittAldean founder shared a Reel to her Instagram which she captioned, “Pack for a 10 day tour run with me! ? I used to just throw a bunch of outfits in a suitcase, but after all these years, I finally have it down??.”

Set to Lauryn Hill’s song Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You, Brittany’s video detailed her extremely organized preparation. She opened the clip by posing in a casual sweatshirt and biker shorts outfit alongside her luggage which she again captioned, “Pack for a 10 day tour run with me!”

The first step Brittany takes is to “check the weather in each city.” The blonde bombshell puts a lot of thought into her work and obviously does her research; she takes it as far as writing each tour stop’s city name on a board along with the high and low temperatures for each day.

Brittany Aldean showcases impressive organizational skills as she packs for hubby Jason Aldean’s tour

Next, Brittany shared that she pulls “outfit options” from her closet — and she’s got plenty of options to choose from, judging by the video footage showcasing her impressive collection of shoes, clothes, and accessories.

Once Brittany pulls options, she then labels “each outfit by city, day/night.” The former Charlotte Bobcats cheerleader showed each outfit neatly folded on the floor, with yellow sticky notes on each outfit with the city name and which night it’s dedicated to.

Clearly one to plan ahead, Brittany then packs a separate suitcase for the few days off in between shows. Once her outfits, shoes, and purses are packed, Brittany then moves on to pull her jewelry selections and makes sure to wash her makeup brushes before placing the clean ones in her brush organizer.

Brittany, a lover of all things beauty related, showed off a multi-colored, embroidered Christian Dior tote which she uses to pack “an extra bag for [her] hair/makeup essentials.” She then posed with her luggage, telling her fans she was “all set.”

Brittany is living her best life despite recent controversy

Brittany, 34, hasn’t let the recent controversy surrounding her get in the way of living her best life. Brittany was recently under fire by country-pop singers Maren Morris and Cassadee Pope who perceived one of her recent Instagram captions as transphobic.

Sharing a video of herself transforming from makeup-free to full-on glam, Brittany captioned the share, “I’d really like to thank my parents for not changing my gender when I went through my tomboy phase. I love this girly life.”

Morris and Pope each took to Twitter to denounce Brittany’s caption, which she said was taken out of context. In response, Brittany fired back, launching a line of Barbiecore-themed clothing as a clap back at Morris who called her “Insurrection Barbie.”

Brittany and Jason recently touched down in New Hampshire where Jason will perform in Gilford at the Bank of NH Pavilion. Ahead of the trip, Brittany has shown her fans that a little preparation can go a long way.

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