Brittany Aldean reveals whether she gets Botox and fillers

Brittany strikes a pose at the Music City Center in Nashville, Tennessee
Brittany looked stunning for a country music awards show at the Music City Center in Nashville. Pic credit: ©

Jason Aldean’s wife, Brittany Aldean, dished on whether she uses cosmetic interventions to stay beautiful or if it’s simply her good genetics she has to thank.

It’s no secret that many celebrities go under the knife and/or the syringe to improve their appearance and uphold their youthful looks.

Some celebs like to keep their fans guessing when it comes to getting Botox and fillers, while others are more open about their experiences.

In Brittany’s case, the latter is true, and the blonde beauty recently spilled the tea on whether she gets facial fillers and Botox.

During an “Ask me anything” Instagram Story Q&A, Brittany responded to a curious fan who asked whether she gets fillers and/or Botox, noting that her lips are “spot on.”

Along with a gorgeous photo of herself clad in a black crop top and a zebra-print miniskirt, Brittany went into detail about the procedures she’s undergone.

Brittany Aldean talks Botox and facial fillers

“I sure do ❤,” Brittany admitted. “I started Botox in my mid 20s as a preventative measure. I swear by it.”

Brittany continued, “Filler is something I started in my 30s and have had good and bad experiences with. YOUR INJECTOR IS EVERYTHING.”

brittany aldean talks about getting botox and fillers in her Instagram stories
Brittany opened up about getting Botox and fillers. Pic credit: @brittanyaldean/Instagram

The 33-year-old mom of two noted that she recently had her filler dissolved because it began to migrate — a possible side effect of facial fillers — and started from scratch.

“It took me a while to realize, less is more!” Brittany added. She added that although she chooses to go under the needle to enhance her beauty, it’s okay if it’s not for everyone else.

“If injections aren’t your thing, all good! If they are, all good!” she wrote in the caption.

She went on to encourage her followers, “Do what makes you happy 💕.”

At the bottom of her photo, Brittany tagged her injector, certified aesthetic nurse specialist Keri Lea Claudel, who practices at the Hatef Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery in Brittany’s hometown of Nashville, Tennessee.

Brittany has joined a growing list of celebrities who have been upfront about getting Botox and fillers, including Cindy Crawford, Courteney Cox, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Kim Kardashian.

Brittany’s diet and exercise regimes are a family affair

Brittany always looks put together with her fashion-forward style, glowing complexion, and fit physique. In addition to her cosmetic treatments, Brittany adheres to a “naturally active” lifestyle and has employed the South Beach Diet to stay looking fantastic.

Admittedly not a big fan of going to the gym, the former Charlotte Hornets dancer told PEOPLE, “My go-to fitness routine is anything that’s just naturally active. I like to do activities.”

Since she’s busy raising two young kids in addition to building her business endeavors, Brittany “can’t just pop in a gym all the time.” Instead, she prefers activities such as “walking [her] kids or taking them on a stroll down the street or walking on the beach.”

When it comes to eating healthily, Brittany says South Beach Diet is what works for her because it’s “very simple.”

Brittany loves that South Beach Diet offers high-protein, low-carb options, a meal delivery service, and grab-and-go snacks. And Brittany isn’t the only one in the Aldean household who enjoys South Beach Diet — her husband, Jason, is a fan too.

“He wants to look good too. So, he’s like, ‘If you’re on it, then I’m on it with you. Let’s do it together,'” Brittany shared with Hollywood Life. … Doing it together is really nice.”

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