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Britney Spears topless compilation: All the times the pop star bared too much skin on Instagram

Britney topless Insta
Britney Spears’s nude photos following the end of her conservatorship garner praise and criticism from fans. Pic credit: ©

Britney Spears is free, and she has a penchant for posting topless photos on Instagram, which has led to a debate about her mental health among her supporters

The 40-year-old pop star posted her latest nude photo, in which she gave her 38.5 million Instagram fans a fully nude selfie.

As previously reported by Monsters & Critics, the pop star lamented on the criticism she received on some of her photos and videos, leading her to limit or turn off comments.

Some critics claim her topless photos signify her mental health problems, while others argue the pop star just enjoys freeing the nipple.

Britney Spears was thrust into the spotlight at age 10, appearing in The Mickey Mouse Club.

Her mental health and personal problems have been well-documented — she was notably hospitalized in 2008 after a confrontation with representatives of her ex-husband, Kevin Federline.

She subsequently lost visitation rights for her two children and was committed to the psychiatric ward, prompting the beginning of her 13-year conservatorship.

Now, the conservatorship is over and Britney is free… in more ways than one. The iconic pop star has been generously sharing skin-baring photos on social media for a few months now despite both praise and criticism.

Britney Spears topless photos on Instagram

In July 2021, the Toxic singer went for a more conservative nude photo only showing her back.

She then posted a more risque shot later that month.

In August, she donned a similar denim miniskirt and nothing else in another series of photos.

The mother of two quoted Sophia Loren for the next round of NSFW pictures.

Britney declares: “Here’s my a**,” in the caption of a mirror selfie.

As her conservatorship drew closer to the end, she posted a series of topless photos on holiday.

Britney told her fans how she managed to capture this Instagram post.

In an Instagram post in October, Britney spoke out against ‘consultations for body improvement.’

Fans debate the significance of Britney’s nude photos

Twitter debated whether her photos were a sign of mental health problems but most dismissed the idea.

“ok why is Britney Spears naked on instagram again,” one user questioned.

Pic credit: Twitter

Another critic opened up the discussion about her potential mental health issues.

“In other news … Britney Spears is posting nudes on Instagram for some reason because mental illness. Yay 2022 …”

“Britney Spears being able to do whatever the hell she wants WAS THE ENTIRE POINT OF THIS,” a viral tweet said in reference to the #FreeBritneyMovement.

Pic credit: @JarresttSays/Twitter

“i don’t care what britney spears does as long as she’s happy. y’all better leave her alone and let her live her best life. she f*cking deserves it.”

Trick Owens called out hypocrites who supported her freedom but don’t like the way she expresses it.

“so funny how many ppl changing their tone because Britney Spears isn’t exuding the idea of freedom they wanted her too like LMFAOOOOOO. y’all mad,” he wrote in a tweet, continuing:

“y’all thought she was gonna be on instagram giving cooking tutorials AND she like nah… get into the BODY bi**h. lmao.”

Pic credit: Twitter

It appears most observers were firmly on the pop singer’s side and support her right to post whatever she wants on her Instagram account.