Britney Spears talks in bizarre British accent, says ‘Don’t be a rollercoaster’

Britney Spears attends an event.
Britney Spears shared a strange video clip with her fans in which she used a British accent and tried on dresses. Pic credit: ©

Britney Spears has shared another animated video with her followers, and her latest clip has undoubtedly left fans as confused as ever over the singer’s mental well-being.

The 41-year-old pop star is known for posting some head-scratching material on her social media page, and usually, her fans are quick to either rush in and come to her defense or express their worries about her behavior.

However, Britney has currently appeared to deactivate her comment section, so her recent flighty post will remain up to each individual to decipher on their own.

In her current video, Britney, who changed her online name to River Red, could first be seen talking directly to the camera while wearing a ruffle-sleeved crop top with paisley patterning on the bodice.

Using a jarring British accent to address the lens, Britney shared that she had made a new dress a week ago with a “diamond panel” and a “slip in the back” that she said a friend had helped her to sow.

The clip then cut to the singer holding up a sparkly pink gown as she excitedly told followers that she had been sent the dress by an unspecified company and not clarifying what happened to the dress she had just been talking about making.

Britney Spears uses a strange accent to talk about being on a ‘rollercoaster’

“They sent me a dress I didn’t have to make myself!” Britney exclaimed while keeping up with her growling speech.

“I can’t believe it! I’m just saying. Hey now, so proud! And I didn’t even have to make it myself. Thank you company for sending me this dress, thank you,” she said before grinning wildly and holding up the garment for a closer look.

She moved toward the camera and backed away from it several times while holding up the pink dress, smiling the whole time and adding in a leg wiggle for extra effect.

The clip then took an even more bizarre turn as Britney raised her voice to shout, “So guys, I just want you to know if I shut down my Instagram do not call the cops… don’t ever be a rollercoaster!” seemingly addressing times when fans have in fact asked police to check on the singer following the deactivation of her web page.

She then side-stepped her way off-screen before coming back in the opposite direction to go out of the frame the other way.

Britney next held up a second outfit she had apparently been sent by the same unnamed company; a sparkly bustier with a fringed bottom.

Britney Spears is seen shouting at the camera while showing off new dresses.
Britney Spears talks in a bizarre accent while discussing dresses. Pic credit: @britneyspears/Instagram

She finished off her wild video with a dramatic dash across the screen as she shouted, “Never be a rollercoaster!” while adding the caption, “Stay humble out there, y’all ūü¶Ąūü¶Ą !!! Hi mommy and daddy, I am a star ‚≠źÔłŹ now have you heard ??? Carry on peeps.”

This is not the first time Britney’s posts have been of a slightly off-kilter nature, with the star having concerned fans in the late fall with another strange post.

Britney Spears sparks worry from fans

In November, Monsters and Critics reported that Britney’s followers were left feeling anxious over their favorite celebrity’s well-being after the singer shared a strained clip.

The singer looked tired and a bit rundown in the shot, her hair down in messy waves and the absence of the typical overlay of music noted by her followers as a worrisome feature.

As the singer herself seemed to address the odd clip in her own cryptic way, fans were a bit more direct, asking pointedly what was going on and placing blame onto Britney’s husband, Sam Asghari, for “controlling” her.

Other fans questioned where Britney really was, claiming that the clip had obviously been taken at an earlier date as the singer posed in what is now her former home.

Without her comment section available, fans will be left to wonder privately if Britney is indeed safe and happy as the star continues to leave her social media trail of perplexing photos and videos.

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