Britney Spears talks body image and invasive paparazzi

Britney Spears at the MTV Awards.
Britney Spears showed off her dance moves while slamming invasive paparazzi. Pic credit: ©

Britney Spears may have been considered the princess of pop in her musical hay-day, but the star seems to have proven that she may also hold just as firm of a grip on her fans via her social media platforms as she did as a singer.

The …Baby One More Time songstress, 41, has turned her online platforms into her personal posing playground over the last year and a half since her restrictive, 13-year-long conservatorship ended.

Sharing frequent posts in which she often shows off her cut physique in bikinis or tiny clothes, Britney also often goes with video clips in which she demonstrates her dance moves.

Her recent post being no exception, Britney once again gave her 41.9 million followers a reason to stay glued to their favorite artist as she shimmied around in a stunning new ensemble.

Britney tied her blonde locks partially back for a carefree vibe as she rocked a yellow crop top and itty bitty brown shorts.

A dazzling necklace with a large jewel hanging at the center adorned her throat to jazz up the otherwise-casual, summery attire.

It was unclear as to the location of Britney’s latest post, but a towering mansion could be seen behind her as she used the outdoors for her stage.

Britney Spears slams the paparazzi and talks body image in a crop top and short shorts

While the singer looked as flawless and incredible as always, it was Britney’s long caption that may have caught the attention of her fans.

Starting things off by mentioning some recent trips she had taken, presumably referencing time she spent with her longtime pal and manager Cade Hudson on a tropical vacation without her husband Sam Asghari, Britney went into discussing invasive paparazzi and body image.

“It’s so beautiful out and I want to get out more…paps are everywhere but not nearly as bad as LA though,” she explained in the post, relaying that the paparazzi were still bad enough that they swarmed her and took pics that made her feel “like an idiot.”

“My facial expression, the way I was leaning over, the pooch in my stomach!!! It was horrible because they got a pic of me in a helpless situation, so of course I get protective of myself!!!” she said.

Britney shared that, while she admits that even she doesn’t think she has the “perfect” figure, she works hard to stay as fit as possible, hitting the gym three times a week for around 45 minutes.

She said that a trainer once told her she had excessive fat around her middle and upper legs and the interaction sent Britney on a downward spiral, eventually leading her to tackle workouts on her own.

Regardless of the negative encounter, Britney clearly has mastered her exercise and the star has shared some of her workout secrets with her fans via Instagram.

Britney Spears shares her exercise secrets online as trainer Dan Bowen explains her sets

As reported by Celebwell, Britney gave her followers a good look at the routine she follows in the gym in order to achieve her fitness goals.

Kicking things off with plank up-downs using a box frame as support, trainer Dan Bowen explained that Britney’s move targeted her core and arms at the same time.

Moving into physioball raises with side bends, Britney showed off her toned figure while taking on the set, as Dan said that the raise and bend helped strengthen the core.

Front raises with a bar, leg raises, and dumbbell chest flies all help Britney work her leg muscles, midsection, and upper body.

Running on a motorized treadmill helps the singer get her sweat on while sit-ups, pull-downs, and bicycle kicks enhance the overall workout.

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