Britney Spears sways back and forth to Christmas music as she shows off more dresses

Britney Spears close up
Britney Spears shared yet another concerning video in skimpy dresses. Pic credit: © Smith/Featureflash

Britney Spears posted yet another video in which she wore an array of skimpy outfits while swaying back and forth and staring wide-eyed at the camera.

And yes, the Hit Me Baby One More Time singer is back on Instagram once again after deleting her page for just a matter of hours.

Despite the seemingly simple nature of the videos, her dancing videos in which she is spinning around and fashion videos in which she sways back and forth are becoming concerning.

Her fans have taken to the comments several times, worrying about the state of Britney’s mental health and whether or not she’s okay.

Her 13-year conservatorship ended a year ago, last November, and since then Britney has taken to social media to express herself and enjoy her newfound freedom.

In a recent clip, the pop star wore three different dresses as she swayed and stepped forward with Justin Bieber’s Mistletoe playing in the background.

Britney Spears wore several skimpy dresses for a new video

The first dress was a black spandex material that came down to her upper thigh and featured a white-lined pattern on the bottom. The center was a see-through, mesh material that came down into a V-shape, and the sleeves were a puffy tulle material.

Britney held on to her dress as she swayed back and forth, later stepping back to reveal the whole outfit which included a pair of simple black heels.

The second dress was also black but longer, falling at her calf, and featured a cutout in the center of her chest along with a bedazzled halter neck.

The third dress was a bright yellow number that was super short and made of spandex with an incredibly plunging neckline that definitely gave off sexy vibes.

Britney has been concerning fans with her recent social media posts

Despite fan worries, Britney still received over 223k likes, including from fellow pop star Jennifer Lopez.

She captioned the clips, “Sorry, it’s my favorite Christmas song … I did it last year. There are some songs you can’t let go !!!! 🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄.”

In the comments, some of her followers showed that they were not big fans of the video clips, with one writing, “😩😩😩not Brit w another shein haul in her 90’s Tuscan prison.”

Another follower had the same sentiment, writing, “Sis your coat hanger strings are hanging out and your cat is taking a shit on your carpet.”

However, a third was simply concerned for her, writing, “Does anyone else watch these videos and worry for her???”

Britney Spears Instagram comments
Pic credit: @britneyspears/Instagram

Britney does arm workouts at home with personal trainer husband Sam Asghari

With a husband who is a personal trainer, Britney has started to get back into a healthy lifestyle, which includes lots of workouts in the gym.


Ok so yeah … I’m showing my body !! I’m sweating like crazy !!! I’m proud I lost 5 pounds 😊 …

♬ Boys – Britney Spears

In August, she shared some footage of herself working out, which included an ample amount of arm exercises with free weights.

In her caption, Britney revealed she had already lost five pounds and enjoyed showing off her body in a crop top and shorts.