Britney Spears stuns in red outfit, rants about birthday party photo

Britney Spears on the red carpet.
Britney Spears proved red is her color. Pic credit: ©

Britney Spears is back at it again.

That’s right, another day, another video.

This time the blonde beauty decided to show off her toned physique in a red tube top with Coca-Cola written across it. The skirt Britney paired with it was an exact match for the color, which means it was likely bought as a set.

It was a typical Britney video, with her shaking and shimmying in place while modeling her latest attire.

She reportedly found the outfit in her closet, and she promised more to come.

The songstress wrote, in part, “Here’s me going through my closet realizing outfits I have never worn !!! I am a practical shopper but I was really surprised going through my closest and what I found !!!”

Britney Spears shows off curves while dancing in miniskirt

The outfit Britney Spears chose to wear in her latest video is on par with what followers have come to expect from the pop princess.

Britney looked fitter than ever, with her abs and toned legs visible and her arms sculpted as she danced and twirled around.

She wore the white boots she appears to love, and all in all, the outfit matched perfectly.

As for her hair and makeup, they looked similar to her past videos, with dark circles under her eyes. Her blonde hair was wavy and hit right around her bust line.

There were sunglasses during some parts of the video, and she put her hair into a high pony in one shot.

This was just one of many more outfits to come as Britney said, “Anyways, here’s me modeling RED outfit number 1 !!! That means there are way more to go … 7 is my favorite ? !!! I will SHARE with you lovely people !!!”

Britney Spears drops in rant about birthday party photos

While talking about her post and sorting her closet, Britney Spears also went off about the photo circulating of herself alongside longtime friends Cade Hudson and Paris Hilton.

There’s been plenty of speculation about Britney and whether she is actually as free as she says she is, leaving some followers concerned about her. In the post’s caption, she revealed she had no idea about the photo. Britney hasn’t been to a birthday party in years, yet Paris Hilton denies photoshopping her friend into the picture.

So, what’s happening?

Britney Spears’ workout routine

Having a body like Britney Spears’ doesn’t come naturally; it comes from hard work and discipline in the gym.

According to Women’s Health Magazine, Britney likes to use dancing, yoga, and a mix of tumbling to keep her body in shape. She didn’t specify how many times a week she works out or what her repetitions look like, but if her physique is any indication, we’d guess the blonde beauty is dedicated to keeping herself in shape.

After years and years of performing sold-out shows in arenas, Britney has maintained her fit frame with warmups and doing the shows. Some of her choreography was in-depth, which helped to keep her fitness goals on track.

Now, Britney shows up with these odd dance videos, proving that despite the chaos she’s dealt with over the last decade, she can still find peace in dancing and looking her best.