Britney Spears shows ‘what it’s all about’ in throwback dance video

Britney Spears at the 2007 Scandinavian Style Mansion Party.
Britney Spears at the 2007 Scandinavian Style Mansion Party. Pic credit: © Images

Britney Spears feels nostalgic about her romance with her latest share, showing off her beauty and dance moves.

The pop star shared a video with her 41.6 million Instagram followers, which seems to be of her and her husband, Sam Asghari, dancing alone at their wedding reception.

The happy couple who were married this past June is seen together on a dance floor to themselves.

The room is filled with vibrant pink and purple lights, with pink floral arrangements dazzling the background.

Spears herself is dancing in a long-sleeved blazer with very little else while showing off her legs.

The Toxic singer pairs the blazer with glittery silver high heels and what might be a sparkly bodysuit underneath the blazer jacket itself.

Britney Spears shows dance moves in a nostalgic video

In the video, Britney has her signature wavy hair down as she dances with her husband.

The room is romantically lit, so getting a glimpse of her makeup is challenging.

What can be surmised is the happy couple is having the time of their life dancing to Prince’s iconic track “Kiss.”

But in one part of the Instagram post, she explains this was her wedding reception while adding, “this is me before the dance floor was full ? !!! KISS BY PRINCE !!! I’m gonna show you what IT’S ALL ABOUT — THE KISS ? !!!”

Regarding the content, Perez Hilton believes he has the tea on what this Instagram story means.

Perez Hilton chimes in with a Britney Spears theory

In the same social media share, the Toxic singer makes some comments that could mean nothing or be passive-aggressive towards her husband, Sam Asghari.

In the wedding reception video, Britney Spears writes, “High school movie ? !!! Gotta see it … not that by any means is it a secret reference to me ??‍♀️ … although my song is in it ? !!!”

“I’m definitely one to secretly make fun of !!! And if you don’t believe me … check out how they portrayed my special wedding day ??‍♀️ !!!,” the pop singer adds.

But it’s the next section that Perez says is a jab towards Asghari’s sister Fay Asghari. Spears writes, ” I mean I haven’t held a mic in 7 years so that sassy girl dancing lit up the room for them with the CHEMISTRY ? !!! That’s honestly what it’s about … and good God it was everywhere !!!”

And it’s the “Chemistry” portion that Perez says points to Sam’s sister. What is Perez’s reasoning? Because Fay works in a chemistry-related field where consumers can get “Botox, fillers, and get other chemistry done…”

Britney .also writes about “getting 21 clap backs from one person alone,” which again makes Perez ask who the person is being referenced, rhetorically implying Fay.

In reference to the section, “there sure were a hell of alot of women around ?,” Perez asks, “Sam Asghari’s sisters?”

Before ending the conspiratorial video by gasping at the full use of Sam’s name in the final part of the text, “when can I meet your dad Hesam ???”

All this leads to Perez’s belief that Britney and her husband are fighting behind the scenes.

The rumor mill began around the moment Asghari himself spoke up about his unfavorable viewpoint on Britney sharing topless photos. Followed by the pop singer sharing more of the same pictures.

Was this a social media dig at Sam Asghari? It is hard to say honestly because Spears tends to be cryptic with her social media shares. On top of this, they typically read like a free-flowing stream of thought with zero editorial reflection behind it.

Because of this, it makes it easy to apply drama where none may exist.

But outside of puzzling social media messages and wedding videos, the singer has many talents beyond being a musician.

She has a long list of fragrances, including one of her most recent additions having a universal appeal.

Britney debuts unisex fragrance Prerogative

Since her days of becoming a pop star, Spears has created dozens of fragrances for consumer purchase.

One of her latest brands, called Prerogative (inspired by her Bobby Brown cover of My Prerogative), is one of her most unique offerings, with the fragrance being gender fluid.

According to the description, Prerogative’s flavor has an “oriental, woody and amber scent for both women and men.”

Adding to this, she recently launched a new fragrance called Naked Fantasy. Chances are the branding was inspired by her newfound freedom from her conservatorship, where baring it all has been an act of expression for her ever since.

With Christmas still in play for some, it’s not too late to have the aroma of freedom.