Britney Spears shimmies in teeny bikini bottoms, has fans conflicted

Britney Spears at the Hollywood Beauty Awards.
Britney Spears showed off her dancing moves again while rocking tiny bikini bottoms. Pic credit: © F.Sadou/AdMedia 

Britney Spears was back at it again as she showed off another wild dancing clip and left fans scratching their heads.

The pop star, who will turn 41 on December 2, often expresses herself through movement and frequently rocks skin-baring attire while twisting, turning, and twerking on her living room floor.

The Hold Me Closer songstress, who enjoyed her first chart-topper in years with her Elton John duet, has been racking up her social media presence recently while going back and forth between deleting her accounts and/or posting several times a day.

Appearing to be fully back in near-constant online mode, Britney dropped her fifth share in 24 hours. While the songstress looked as fit and incredible as always, she left her fans reeling with confusion and concern.

Looking flawless in a white crop top and skimpy, red bikini bottoms that showed off her slender hips and flat abs, Brit danced like there was no tomorrow.

Clearly working up a sweat with her fast-paced moves, Britney flung herself all around the floor, shuffling her bare feet along the glossy floor and spinning her arms wildly above her head and to her sides.

“I JUST WANT TO MAKE EVERYTHING PERFECT BEFORE I RELEASE IT !!! I’M GETTING THERE 🤓🤓🤓🤧🤧🤧🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼,” she captioned the video, and her followers had a thing or two to say about her latest share.

Britney Spears dances in a bikini and has fans worried

With a cryptic caption adding to the fog of the otherwise-unexplained clip, followers of the star appeared to have mixed feelings about the recent dance frenzy.

“More of the eye thing… it’s like the abuse has completely put her brain in a loop. She’s just on loop no matter what,” said one person.

Another chimed in saying the singer has been “doing the exact same thing for 5 years,” also pointing out that Brit’s surroundings looked to be that of her former home and not in her current abode.

“I’m convinced this is not her now. There’s no way she would be doing this over and over and over again if everything was OK now I’m kind of worried for her I really do. Hope she’s OK,” shared someone else.

Fans of Britney Spears react to her latest dancing frenzy.
Pic credit: @britneyspears/Instagram

Other fans were more supportive of the recently-emancipated singer, encouraging the nay-sayers to keep their mouths shut.

One person shared their thoughts on the star’s latest clip, telling followers that maybe this new Britney is just who the singer has always been and the 13-year conservatorship was stifling her real personality.

They added that, in their opinion, Britney’s fans have held her so high on a “pedestal” that they feel the need to judge her now for being who she really is.

Britney Spears' comments
Pic credit: @britneyspears/Instagram

Another supporter gave their two cents, echoing the former sentiment by saying that people needed to lay off the singer and resist their need to “mock and shame her.”

Britney Spears reveals her workout secrets

While dancing is clearly one of Britney’s favorite activities to stay fit, the singer also employs the use of other exercise routines to keep her figure looking trim.

As reported by CelebWell, Britney uses a variety of moves to ensure that her whole body gets properly worked.

Personal trainer and owner of Philadelphia’s Hit Fitness Dan Bowen told the magazine about why each of Britney’s sets was so good for building strength and muscle.

Britney first does planks using a box, which Bowen said adequately works the star’s core and arms.

Next, the singer uses a physioball to do arm lifts and side bends, which the trainer said really strengthens abs.

Bowen said that Britney’s front weight bends and leg lifts are used to sculpt her shoulders, deltoids, calves, and back muscles.

Dumbbell flies and physioball sit-ups challenge the singer’s core, arms, and chest.

Along with her dancing and weight workouts, Britney also enjoys running on the treadmill and using her own body weight to add diversity to her routine.