Britney Spears shares one final topless pic as she continues her vacation with fiance Sam Asghari

Britney Spears at a red carpet event.
Britney Spears has been enjoying being a free woman during her French Polynesia excursion with fiance Sam. Pic credit: ©

Britney Spears has been living it up during her recent tropical vacation with her fiance Sam Asghari.

The pop-star, 40, recently shared yet another topless picture of herself splashing in the tropical waters of French Polynesia, something she has done during her entire vacation seemingly without any inhibitions.

Britney and her fiance, personal trainer Sam Asghari, can often be seen on various vacation getaways as the singer appears to enjoy posting photographs of nearly all her traveling adventures.

Initially shocking and wowing fans with a fully-nude series of photographs once she and Sam hit the beach for this recent trip, Britney kept the trend going and has continued to post photos of herself living her free life sans swimwear.

Britney has been going nude more often as a way of celebrating her new-found freedom from her 13-year conservatorship

The nude and topless snaps have more meaning for the singer than just to add shock-value to Instagram.

After years of battling in court to get herself released from the binds that tied her down under the lengthy conservatorship her father controlled, Britney scored a major win within the last three months.

Britney’s father, Jamie Spears, finally announced that he was filing to immediately end the conservatorship that was put in place more than a decade prior during a very-public breakdown the singer suffered at the time.

Earlier in the summer, Britney posted a photo of herself going topless after her legal team went through a shake-up, seemingly as a means of celebrating the change given her previous team had not gained much ground in court.

Since officially being freed from the control of her father, Britney has consistently increased the number of skin-baring posts that she makes on Instagram to embrace being a “free woman” again.

Britney has expressed her desire to have children with Sam

As she finds more ways in which to revel in being independent again, Britney has also expressed interest and a longing to have more children.

The singer currently shares sons Jayden and Sean with ex Kevin Federline but now that the boys are well into their teens, the singer may have her eye on adding to her brood in the future.

Sharing to her Instagram page last November, Britney hinted at wanting to have a baby with Sam at some point, posting a photo of tiny feet next to a grown-up pair of feet.

She has made no mention since then about adding to her family unit but with a wedding coming up fans will surely have their eyes on the pop-star from here forward as she continues to redefine herself.

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