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Britney Spears’ nude pics have fans divided

Britney Spears. 4th Annual Hollywood Beauty Awards held at Avalon Hollywood.
Britney Spears had the internet going hot-and-heavy recently after she shared some totally nude, pre-pregnancy pics to her Instagram page but fans appear to be divided about the posts. Pic credit: ©

Britney Spears has been reveling in her pregnancy glow lately while also making sure to show the world her toned body in pics that were taken prior to growing a baby inside her belly.

The pop star, who found fame in her teenage years with her hit …Baby One More Time, recently showed off her physique in a massive photo dump that displayed her entire body sans clothing or attire of any kind.

The six-part series, which showed the singer in the same pose in every photo with a different filter being the only difference between the sets, had fans going as they took to her comment section to share their thoughts.

Fans are divided about Britney’s nude posts

While Britney’s fan base is known for sticking by the singer through thick and thin, having rooted for her endlessly during her conservatorship battle last year that subsequently ended in its termination in the fall, her followers had mixed feelings about her recent nude shots.

Some followers seemed to be in full support of the singer’s photo dump, praising the 40-year-old for her continued bravery while celebrating her still-fresh freedom.

“girl is forced to be a sex symbol since she was a teenager and now that she has that power back and control over her own body yall are up in arms” said one person in defense of Britney.

Another fan comes to Britney's defense after some others critiqued her nude posts.
Pic credit: @britneyspears/Instagram

Others appeared to feel the same way, with one fan posting, “Why people is worried about her??? She isn’t doing any harm to anyone, she likes to pose naked, good for her, she has a beautiful body and it makes her happier.”

Pic credit: @britneyspears/Instagram

Some of Britney’s followers did not like her nude photos

Even though some people rushed in to defend the singer for showing off what she’s got, a multitude of others did not seem to take her nude shots well, sharing their concerns and criticisms on her Instagram feed.

“These pics really bug me. If she wants to show off her body more power to her it’s amazing and worthy of being shown off! BUT this is not normal. It’s basically the same pic just being posted over and over and over again. 3-4 in the same post, and done over again the next day and the next. Saying things like “a photo dump from last time I was in Mexico,” but it’s just a photo dump of the same pic repeated with different filters on it. It feels very off and wrong, I really don’t understand what’s up. It seems beyond someone with a great body just showing it off,” wrote one unhappy fan in a lengthy response.

A fan writes a lengthy comment regarding Britney's recent nude posts, telling her they don't think it's "normal" for her to share naked pics.
Pic credit: @britneyspears/Instagram

Someone else verbally berated the singer for the naked pics, telling her, “This is really tacky . Your a mom act like one.”

A fan tells Britney she is 'tacky' for sharing nude pics.
Pic credit: @britneyspears/Instagram

Regardless of whether or not her followers agree on Britney’s sensual and revealing posts, the songstress’ fan base remains as eager as ever to continue to hear more news regarding her current pregnancy as well as her upcoming wedding to Sam Asghari.

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