Britney Spears’ new video has fans concerned

Britney Spears on the red carpet in 2013
Britney Spears has followers worried after another strange video. Pic credit: ©

Britney Spears shared another video, but this time without dancing or any music.

The pop star has fans concerned following her recent antics on social media, especially after deleting what she shares within hours.

This time, Britney donned a white crop top that had sheer puffy sleeves with something on them. She paired the top with tiny black shorts with a button and zipper, not the workout ones she typically wears.

Also, instead of being barefoot or wearing something else, Britney put on slouched, knee-high white boots.

Britney appeared to have faded makeup on as she had dark circles under her eyes, and she stepped and moved around for the camera. Her hair also looked like it had been styled and curled days earlier.

Notably, the video was shot in Britney’s old home, which has begged the question of why she is sharing old videos.

Britney Spears has followers concerned

This time, Britney Spears has her followers concerned. Things have taken a weird turn on her Instagram with the video, and concern was voiced among the over two thousand comments.

Her caption about looking like Snow White was also confusing.

One follower wrote, “Please Sam stop taking videos of your wife. Take care of her and stop exploiting her.”

Another said, “It’s the same s**t over and over”

Someone else noted the lack of happiness in her eyes, writing, “Your eyes show zero happiness. I’m sorry for everything that has happened to you. But you need to go find your happiness and not document it on social media. Just go find the happiness you deserve!”

Comments about Britney Spears' actions.
Pic credit: @britneyspears/Instagram

Britney had already posted the video a short time beforehand with a different caption. On that occasion, she discussed her outfit, stating, “there are tiny white baby butterflies on the sleeves 🦋 … The lace is so fine … it was actually extremely expensive.”

The pop legend then somewhat cryptically wrote, “but when I looked back at the footage I didn’t understand with me just wearing it as an outfit 🎽 and not dancing or trying at all, my body is 10 times smaller not dancing … I know it sounds stupid but if you have eyes it’s pretty damn clear.”

Britney also posted the same photo of the outfit three times to her account, each time without a caption. This unusual online behavior was also met with concern from fans.

One fan demanded in all-caps, “WHERE IS BRITNEY AND WHO IS CONTROLLING THIS ACCOUNT?” and another asked, “What happened here?”

Another commenter speculated, “I am convinced this is not Britney and that she is in danger!”

IG comment Britney Spears
Pic credit: @britneyspears/Instagram

One IG commenter rather cruelly criticized Britney, writing, “The ol triple post. Nothing crazy to see here folks! Just an extra regular, not crazy at all middle aged mother.”

But others still felt that something else has happened to Britney and that she has lost control of her social media accounts. “WHERE IS BRITNEY?? WE ARE NOT IDIOTS. ALL THESE PICS AND VIDEOS AREN’T RECENTS,” and “This account has to be hacked.”

More comments on Britney Spears IG page
Pic credit: @britneyspears/Instagram

Britney Spears and the conservatorship

There has been a lot of talk about Britney Spears and the conservatorship and what happened to her throughout the years.

She has spoken a little bit about what she endured throughout her time, and with the first anniversary of her freedom coming up in just a few days, there are still many questions surrounding what is happening in her life.

While Britney’s followers are wondering where her husband, Sam Ashghari, is in all of this, he has remained mostly silent since marrying the pop princess.

Given where the video was taken, it’s possible it was filmed while she was still under conservatorship. Britney’s followers have always been in her corner and will continue to support her through this as well.

Britney Spears at a red carpet event
Britney Spears was locked into a conservatorship for 13 years. Pic credit: ©

Britney Spears calls Hailey Bieber the ‘coolest’

Britney Spears and Hailey Bieber have been showing some love for each other recently. Hailey was back in the headlines this Halloween after a throwback to last year’s Spooky Season when she donned a variety of Britney costumes, including the schoolgirl outfit from Baby One More Time and the red spandex from  Oops!…I Did It Again.

And in an IG post from last week, Britney called Hailey the coolest. While discussing wearing a suit with shoulder pads, Britney wrote, “I also looked at photos of Hailey Bieber and saw the f***ing coolest blazers with shoulder pads !!! She’s honestly the coolest and kindest … so wearing this suit like her I also felt kinda cool myself !!!”