Britney Spears is braless in red tube top and miniskirt to strut her stuff

Britney Spears smiles
Britney Spears looked amazing in her red co-ord. Pic credit: ©

Britney Spears dazzled this week when in a red two-piece. 

The 40-year-old singer looked amazing in the outfit as she walked down the street in a video shared with her 41.9 million Instagram followers. 

Britney went braless to rock the look, which had an unusual neckline, and she paired the crop top with a matching miniskirt. 

She wore her long blonde locks loose around her shoulder and completed the look with oversized black sunglasses, white boots, and a huge straw hat. 

Britney is currently enjoying a holiday in Mexico to mark almost a year of being a “free woman” following the end of her conservatorship in November 2021.

She had been under the guardianship of her father, Jamie, since 2008, and he had complete control over Britney’s personal, financial, and medical affairs.

Britney Spears critiqued after sharing a quote

Recently, Britney shared a quote that posed a question, and she was met with critique and concern in the comment section.

The quote questioned who people would impress if the world were blind, and critics reacted by addressing Britney’s previous posts.

One commenter wrote, ‘No one would see you twirling,” while another person found Britney’s post to be ironic.

A commenter suggested if they were blind, they wouldn’t have to see Britney objecting herself, and another follower asked, “Are you asking this question to yourself, Britney?”

Britney Spears' comments
Pic credit: @britneyspears/Instagram

Britney Spears receives backlash from fans

Britney also came under fire from fans when she shared a video taken in the streets of Mexico this week. 

In the footage, Britney posed with a chained-up monkey before giving the animal a sweet kiss and playing with it. 

But fans flooded the comments section to beg her not to support caged animals again. 

“Britney, don’t support animals in chains, please,” wrote one follower. “You know what it’s like to be the freak of the show. You know what it’s like to be on a leash. Don’t support that!” 

However, some followers were quick to remind others that the star — who married her partner of six years, Sam Asghari, at their Los Angeles home in June — may be “normalizing abusive actions” thanks to her own traumatic experiences. 

Britney Spears poses with a chained monkey in Mexico
Britney posed with a chained monkey in Mexico. Pic credit: @britneyspears/Instagram

“This is totally animal abuse, yes, but Britney is clueless about so many f***** up things in the world, we need to understand that she’s still traumatized and somehow she’s normalizing certain abusive actions, I bet that she is going to realize that this is wrong,” they added.

Britney Spears loves to dance on social media

Britney loves to spend her time on social media, dancing to various different tracks and showing off a wide variety of outfits.

In one recent post, Britney put up a video of herself dancing to S.O.S. by Indila while dressed in very short black Nike shorts and an almost non-existent white crop top.

She danced vigorously, gyrating her hips and flailing her arms and at one point she gave the camera a gorgeous smile.

Britney captioned the post, “New edit of my dance to “S.O.S” !!! I don’t cry in this one 😉😉😉 !!! Because it’s a HAPPY DANCE 💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼 !!!!”

Britney’s dance videos always garner lots of comments and lots of likes and this one quickly racked up over 150,000 likes.

In another dance clip that Britney has posted a few times with slightly different edits, the Toxic singer had switched the white crop top for a yellow off-the-shoulder crop top, but she’d kept the black Nike shorts.

In this video, she also danced in a somewhat frenetic style, but this time to a mix of two different tunes, Sadeness by Enigma and Nails by Noga Erez.

Britney Spears celebrates Hold Me Closer track with Elton John

In the meantime, Britney has been celebrating her return to the charts following her collaboration with Elton John. The track Hold Me Closer was Britney’s highest-performing single in ten years.

This week Britney celebrated the song’s success with a picture of herself and Elton performing the tune, and she wrote, “Thank you to @eltonjohn for giving me the confidence and believing in me to do such a cool song 🎶 !!! Hold Me Closer went top 10 on the @billboard charts and #1 on the @itunes charts 🌹🚀 !!!”

The song borrows heavily from Elton’s 1971 classic Tiny Dancer.