Britney Spears is a golden goddess in a teeny yellow bikini on Hawaii trip

Britney Spears vacation with boyfriend
Britney Spears continues to battle her father for her estate worth $60 million. Pic credit: ©

Britney Spears is on vacation with her 27-year-old boyfriend, Sam Asghari, rocking a tiny yellow bikini in Hawaii.

The 40-year-old pop star is still rocking her purple hairdo, which she debuted in a $100 minidress.

The singer seemingly put the feud with her sister Jamie behind her after sending a cease and desist letter a day before her book was released.

However, Britney’s getaway vacation wasn’t without its hiccups. She revealed that she is battling a bug, displaying her weight loss in her string bikini.

The Toxic singer compared the symptoms to when she was pregnant in the caption of the video, “I think I have a small bug … the only thing that is similar to this feeling is when I was pregnant ?… it’s the nausea ? that is the worst,” she said.

Britney reveals two-pound weight loss in yellow string bikini 

Britney shared a video of her vacation in which she relaxes in a string bikini, showing her body from multiple angles.

It’s no surprise the singer is in incredible shape as she revealed she continues to exercise despite battling a bug.

“It’s like I can’t [sleep] so I go to the gym trying to wake my system up !!! It’s like clock work ⏰ … I break my first sweat then I go to the bathroom and throw up ?… it’s absolutely horrible but then I stay at the gym because I don’t want to go home and lay sick in bed …” she wrote in the caption.

The mother of two revealed she went dancing rather than resting, adding that her nausea has been going on “for a month.” She went on to put the paparazzi on blast for invading her privacy before revealing her weight loss.

“I’ve lost 2 pounds and that’s a lot for my body …. I wake up and my body is so little yet the war dog media hiding outside my room put me on defense just like they always have … so if you’re outside my room trying to get another cheap shot of me … please go f**k yourself and leave me alone !!!!”

Paparazzi photos Spears refers to in the Instagram post were published the day before.

Britney calls her purple hair ‘horrible’

The singer shared sweet photos with her longtime boyfriend Sam Asghari and revealed she isn’t a fan of her purple hair makeover, calling it “absolutely horrible” in the caption.

She also put the media on blast in this Instagram post for sharing unflattering images of herself in a bikini.

However, the singer who recently won her freedom after a 13-year conservatorship revealed she had a great time despite her illness and paparazzi photos.

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