Britney Spears in plaid skirt dances with ring light

Britney Spears featured image
Britney Spears looks happy in a new video. Pic credit: © Purvis/AdMedia

Britney Spears returns to Instagram in a plaid skirt and stylish crop top to debut her ring light.

The pop star gave an update after a police welfare check after she deactivated her Instagram page, which caused concern to her fans, some of who contacted her local authorities to check on her well-being.

Her husband, Sam Asghari, also recently was forced to deny that Britney was being controlled after fans speculated that someone else was posting on her behalf on social media. 

The stunning 41-year-old looked gorgeous and cheerful, and she turned her hips with a smile in a new video. 

In the caption, Britney wrote about her excitement about using her new ring light. 

“This video is showing my first time with a RING LIGHT !!! Damn, all this time ??? !!! This video is not as good as the last one in this outfit because I was figuring out how to do it … it’s actually cool and I felt proud at my first attempt at this ring light !!!” she said, continuing: 

“So shamelessly fishing for compliments ??? yes I got it ??? !!! Or would it be better to trust the person beside me to shoot it … just saying !!!”

Britney Spears says she is ‘alive and well’ after her fans call the police

Britney took to her Twitter yesterday to reassure her fans that she is okay. 

She shared a video in tiny shorts and a red long-sleeve crop top at a gym and went on about being skeptical about “health juices.” 

The pop star looked happy in the video she took at a gym before or after a workout. 

The short clip received over 1.5 million views and several comments.

In the thread, she explained why she temporarily deleted her Instagram account and blamed those who said she looked “like an idiot” and crazy in her dance videos. 

She also discussed her sensitivity and how the negative backlash hurt her feelings.  

Britney added that she was shocked after her fans called the police for a wellness check and said it was uncalled for. 

She stated that she doesn’t believe those who made the call were real fans and that it was an attempt to make her look bad. 

Britney Spears’ fragrance Naked Fantasy is available on Amazon

Just after the new year, it was announced that Britney’s fragrance Naked Fantasy, which debuted in September last year, is available on Amazon. The site has the perfume listed for $34.99.

The pop star does not promote the brand on her official Instagram page.

In 2021, Britney released three perfumes: Fantasy Intense, Electric Fantasy, and Fantasy Sheer. Amazon has a variety of Britney’s perfumes available for purchase, ranging from $17 up to $70.

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