Britney Spears in crop top shares ‘wicked place’

Britney Spears on the red carpet in 2016.
Britney Spears looks stunning in a printed crop top. Pic credit: ©

Britney Spears is living her best life.

The pop princess has been a free woman for nearly a year now and is celebrating the milestone.

She has gone through a lot, including plenty of emotions, as she processes what her life is like now.

In a newly-shared video, Britney showed off her toned abs while braless in a crop top.

Her signature moves were included, revealing she was in a “wicked place.”

It happened to be Mexico she was talking about, though she didn’t geo-tag her location.

Britney Spears stuns in braless crop top

Britney Spears went all out to show off her time in Mexico.

The blonde beauty shared several videos of her time in Mexico, including one of herself with a monkey named Justin Bieber.

Her outfit stole the show, though.

Britney stepped away from her typical crop top and shorts to frolic around in a printed crop top while braless. It was a more dressed-up version, and she paired it with black pants that hugged her hips.

There were a few scenes complete with her signature moves. It wouldn’t be a Britney video without them.

Britney Spears closes in on one year as a free woman

If you’ve been following Britney Spears for any time, it’s clear that she enjoys entertaining her followers. While she may not be ready to go back out on tour, she finds release in filming her own videos on her own terms.

From her stunning crop top and tiny shorts looks to her more glamorous moments, Britney shares her life through dance.

She recently shared a post about her release as she danced away. A lot has happened to the pop star over the last nearly two decades, and she is learning a lot about who she is versus who she was told to be.

Britney talked a little bit about being almost a year out from her conservatorship, writing, “It’s been almost a year since I became a free woman !!! F**k yes !!! Wheee 😁😁😁 !!!”

Right now, Britney is enjoying her marriage to Sam Asghari and traveling to places she wants to on her terms. She and Sam have been taking trips and exploring life as a couple in the real world. Hawaii is one of her favorite spots, as she often shares videos from there.

Britney Spears is spending time in Mexico, or as she’s currently dubbed it, the “wicked place.”