Britney Spears goes topless to invite her mom for coffee

Britney Spears featured image
Pop sensation Britney Spears stuns in a new selfie. Pic credit: @britneyspears/Instagram

Britney Spears goes topless to invite her mother for coffee with a dash of shade.

This comes after her estranged father, Jamie Spears, gave a rare interview in which he defended his daughter’s 13-year conservatorship.

As previously reported on Monsters and Critics, Jamie claimed his guardianship saved Britney’s life and finances.

The singer is yet to respond to her father publicly but has hit out at her parents with a new statement.

Britney shared a topless snap and shared her distaste for Instagram’s new policy on photos.

“Instagram doesn’t like posts of people revealing their bodies anymore so here’s a selfie of me in Mexico ?? !!!” she wrote in the caption.

She then turned her attention to her parents, accusing them of depriving her of caffeinated beverages for over a decade.

“Mom and Dad … I crossed the border and I made it !!! After no coffee for 15 years ☕️ … Mom we can go have coffee together now !!! I’m treated as an equal … let’s have coffee and talk about it,” she concluded the Instagram post caption.

Two months ago, Britney’s estranged mother, Lynne Spears, apologized and pleaded with her daughter for a private meeting. It appears that Britney is willing to entertain a sit down with her mother.

Britney Spears is not missing despite conspiracy theories

There are viral conspiracy theories on social media websites, such as Twitter and TikTok, that Britney Spears is being held hostage or may even be dead.

The internet sleuths point to repetitive posts and what they perceive as subtle cries for help.

Britney’s husband, Sam Asghari, even addressed the theories last week and denied that he is controlling her.

Britney announced on her Instagram that she was heading to New York City but ended up in Mexico in what appears to be an attempt to throw off the paparazzi. However, this only helped fuel conspiracy theories about her status.

According to TMZ, the pop legend’s fans have been tracking the movement of her family members and became concerned when her estranged parent’s touched down in Los Angeles.

However, the outlet reports that their visit had nothing to do with Britney, and they were there to attend a performance of Britney’s niece – the daughter of her brother Bryan.

The outlet also noted that Britney’s nudes posted last week are new content and not recycled, as some conspiracy theorists have claimed.

Perez Hilton banned on TikTok after troubling posts about Britney Spears

Gossip blogger Perez Hilton has been at the forefront of fueling rumors concerning the pop star’s well-being.

He was recently banned on TikTok for insinuating something “bad” is going on with the 41-year-old star without providing evidence.

It is unclear whether his ban is directly related to his posts about Britney.

The deleted TikTok video has been shared on Twitter in which he claims other bloggers are also uncomfortable sharing what is supposedly going on with the Toxic singer.

There is no credible reason to believe that Britney is being held hostage or in imminent danger, but it appears that she is enjoying a vacation in Mexico.