Britney Spears gets twirly for ‘throwback week’

Britney Spears poses on the red carpet.
Britney Spears showed off another stunning dress while twirling around her living room. Pic credit: ©

Britney Spears got her twirl on as she celebrated her own version of a throwback week.

The pop star has been on a social media tear lately as she continues to enjoy her freedom following the end of her 13-year-long conservatorship, and her latest post was no exception as she showed off another stylish dress.

Going with a fun video for her share, Britney rocked a stunning dress with an illusion top half, showing a cut figure in the clinging, silken attire.

Sporting jeweled, diamond-shaped bust swatches overlayed on top of sheer netting, the gown transitioned abruptly into a pale blue, shiny skirt that started at her navel and capped off just below the knees.

The Womanizer singer, 41, left her blonde locks mostly down, pinning just the top strands up into a poofy bouffant.

Wisps of bangs hung on each side of her forehead, grazing her cheeks lightly, as Britney danced her way around one of the rooms in her house.

Black heels adorned her feet as the singer captioned the clip, “Not sure why this video is dirty dirty compared to the clear ones … but it’s throwback week for me so that’s what I’ll be doing ??? !!!”

While Britney is well-known for sharing videos of herself dancing around her home, the singer has also seemed to enjoy showing off her body in beach-worthy wear.

Britney Spears rolls around in the sand in a skimpy bikini

At the end of March, Britney looked to be reveling in a tropical getaway, mysteriously without her wedding ring and without her husband, Sam Asghari.

The star sported a peppy two-piece for her time at the beach as she and her longtime pal and manager, Cade Hudson, enjoyed the waves and sunshine.

Going with a mismatched bikini for the outing, Britney looked amazing in the lime green top and leopard-print bottoms as she frolicked along the shoreline and rolled around in the sand, stopping to share a laugh with Cade.

To add more fuel to the rumor mill that Britney and Sam are going through a rough patch, the singer has since deleted all traces of the bikini-clad post, leaving just a simple two-shot series of her and Cade smiling together on a private jet.

Regardless of Britney’s marital status, it’s clear from her bikini posts and dancing videos that the singer has retained a solid standing as one of Hollywood’s most fit celebrities.

Britney shared snippets of her intense workouts in the gym a few years ago, proving that the singer knows how to tackle her sets with confidence and strength.

Britney Spears shares a look at her exercise routine

The singer took to her Instagram page to share a look at the exercises she employs to stay fit and healthy, saying at the time that she was “switching up” her routine to prepare for her Pieces of Me tour.

Rocking a sports bra and micro shorts, Britney started off with jumping squats before transitioning to modified sit-ups using a bosu ball to lean back against while bringing her knees up to her chest in alternating fashion.

She then used a weight stand for balance as she did a series of leg lifts before moving into kettlebell swings and resistance band, backward leg lifts.

Britney showed her fans that sometimes body weight is enough to tone the body as she did calf raises, proved her flexibility as she went into a bridge pose with dramatic leg crunches and near-vertical raises, and worked her muscles with yoga moves and side stretches.

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