Britney Spears exhibits new weight loss amid ‘bad’ gossip

Britney Spears at the 2016 Video Music Awards.
Britney Spears at the 2016 Video Music Awards. Pic credit: ©

Britney Spears and online gossip are mutually exclusive these days, especially since freeing herself from the conservatorship.

The Hold Me Closer singer recently spat with Alyssa Milano over a tweet Spears considered bullying. Alyssa has since apologized for what she believed was a misunderstanding.

Britney remains antagonistic toward anyone saying her name the wrong way. As Will Smith might say, “Keep my wife’s Britney’s name out of your mouth.”

In her latest Instagram share to her 41.7 million followers, Spears aimed at the bad gossipers while displaying her new weight loss.

The video has the 41-year-old talent showing her slim waist in the most miniature low-rising skirt paired with a pink long-sleeved crop top. The crop top itself has an abstract vine-like pattern.

The combination provides her followers with a full view of her new appearance.

Britney Spears shows off her weight loss

The Toxic singer jigged around while showing her giddiness for the change. She danced to the 1985 classic Your Love by The Outfield.

Britney captioned the Instagram share, writing, “If the world says bad things about me … you can guarantee I will find my way to brighten things ☀️ !!! I always have … it’s in my destiny !!!”

The pop musician added, “I’ve lost some weight … but it feels kind of nice 👍🏼 !!!”

Spears danced around with the pink top and white skirt, holding a fur wrap behind her.

She completed the fashionable look with matching white boots.

Britney is no stranger to fitness. She frequently hits the gym and the dance floor for a workout.

About a year ago, she shared an Instagram video showing her workout routine and how she maintains a fit lifestyle.

Britney Spears’ workout routine

In a video posted last year, the pop icon could be seen doing exercises while sporting a fancy pair of shades.

Spears shared a supercut of fitness routines in the gym, including dumbells, bench weights, pull-downs, treadmill action, up-and-down chest presses, and a stability ball for ab strengthening.

She squatted with a kettlebell and executed plenty of dance moves which she described as better while wearing shades to focus on “feeling.”

She wrote in the caption, “It was early this morning ☀️ and my face wasn’t awake yet …. I’m the silly 🤪 girl with shades 🕶on in the gym.” Spears added, “if you’ve never done it before, I suggest you do it.”

Britney says that the shades are less about looking cool or hiding but about focusing, writing, “It was my first time and it actually enhances the movement with feeling versus what it looks like !!!! I mean that’s why I’m dancing too 😜😜😜”

Her fitness trainer Dan Bowen adds more insight into her workout routine, including leg raises and gym mat routines.

Given all this information, it’s not a mystery how Britney Spears maintains her glamorous physique.

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