Britney Spears enjoys a nostalgic dance session at home

Britney Spears attends an event.
Britney Spears showed off her dancing moves while rocking a plunging red dress. Pic credit: © Greenman/

Britney Spears has been on a social media hot streak lately and her latest share only added more proof that the singer has been enjoying her freedom.

The singer ended her 13-year-long conservatorship just shy of a year and a half ago and the pop star has seemingly been reveling in her online autonomy.

Sharing a variety of dancing clips and bikini-clad shots with her fans since regaining control of her own life, Britney posts on a near-daily basis.

Going with another dance clip for her recent share, Britney looked as gorgeous as always as she shimmied her way around the floor of a room in her home.

Keeping her blonde locks tied up in a high, messy ponytail, Britney beamed at the lens while moving her hips and swaying side-to-side in a stunning red dress.

Britney was clearly confident in her body as she dominated the screen and showed off her skills, adding a pop of color to her otherwise-tan surroundings in her vibrant attire.

Britney Spears dances in a red dress with a plunging neckline

Sporting a plunging neckline, the garment was a figure-flattering piece that hugged Britney’s curves and showed smooth skin along the low-cut top’s hemline.

White, knee-high boots adorned Brintey’s feet, adding a fun feel to her ensemble.

“We had to cancel dinner last night because of a storm so I put my puss in BOOTS ON like Antonio Banderas suggested ???,” she captioned the post, seemingly referring to Sam Asghari with her dinner comment.

Britney added that she was listening to her “favorite album when [she] was 13” and named Janet Jackson’ self-titled album JANET as her musical muse for the day.

Being heavily back in the spotlight following her conservatorship win in court in 2021, Britney has made it clear that she takes her physical health seriously as she continues to look as incredible as she did in her 20s.

Britney Spears shares her exercise secrets to staying fit at 41

As shared by Monsters and Critics this year, Britney does not hide her exercise routine from her fans as the singer has hopped onto Instagram many times to share snippets of her gym time.

Showing a slim figure for one particular workout session, Britney rocked a low-cut crop top and micro shorts while pumping iron, squatting, dancing, and generally working up a good sweat.

Britney employed the use of free-weight, dumbbells, and machines for her exercise routine, while also throwing in treadmill work to boost her results.

“It was early this morning ☀️ and my face wasn’t awake yet …. I’m the silly ? girl with shades ?on in the gym … if you’ve never done it before, I suggest you do …” she captioned the video.

“It was my first time and it actually enhances the movement with feeling versus what it looks like !!!! I mean that’s why I’m dancing too ?????? … My abs only come out I guess when I run which I hate doing but somebody’s gotta do it !!!!!” she added.

Britney doesn’t solely rely on weight lifting and running to stay in shape, with her trainer Dan Bowen sharing with Eat This, Not That! that he gives the singer a range of movements to do in order to properly tone every ounce of her body.

Throwing in everything from planks to lunges to physio ball lifting and more, Dan shared that the grueling routine ensured that Britney’s entire muscular system was activated and pushed to the limit.

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