Britney Spears cut her own bangs as she transitioned from purple back to blonde

Britney Spears on the red carpet
Britney Spears transitions back to her traditional blonde hair after having purple hair. Pic credit: ©

She’s back and bangin’ – Britney Spears is officially blonde with bangs again and has taken to Instagram to show off her revived new look.

Spears has been consistently open on the platform with her transformations – whether it be hair, body, style, or relationship with her family members.

After posting a video to her feed of her with purple hair, which she dyed because she was bored and her nail tech recommended it, she has now returned to the color most fans recognize her in.

Britney Spears posted a set of photos showing off her traditional blonde hair and newly cut bangs

Spears announced her “purple mess is gone” in a new set of Instagram photos. She also explained that not only did she get a new set of bangs, but she, in fact, cut them herself. Singer, actor, performer, hairstylist, it’s safe to say the pop icon is trying to up her resume with this new skill set.

Spears also claimed her secret ingredient for looking ten years younger is cutting bangs and only wearing mascara.

The photos showed Spears in a low-cut floral dress with elbow-length sleeves, showing off her natural blonde and freshly cut hair.

“The purple mess is gone… Thank GOD! If you want to look 10 years younger I suggest you cut bangs and wear only mascara,” Spears said. “It’s kinda crazy, when I was in Maui for 21 days I couldn’t get my hair done so I had so much time to play with it myself! I actually love playing with my hair… it’s therapeutic… anyways my bangs were so long so I cut them… you can see it now that my hair is blonde again!”

She ended the caption with the hint, “I might go red next week… who knows.”

The new hairdo photos came shortly after Spears posted a letter regarding her conservatorship

Merely three hours before posting her new look, Spears shared a letter with her followers from two Members of Congress regarding her very public fight against her father. The letter congratulated her and her attorney, Matthew Rosengart, on their historic victories with terminating the conservatorship.

It also stated that the public knowledge on the subject matter would positively impact others going through similar issues and thanked Spears for bringing her situation to light.

Spears wrote in regards to the letter she received months prior, “I was immediately flattered and at the time I wasn’t nearly at the healing stage I’m in now. Number 1, I’m grateful that my story was even ACKNOWLEDGED! Because of the letter, I felt heard and like I mattered for the first time in my life!”

“In a world where your own family goes against you, it’s actually hard to find people that get it and show empathy,” she continued. “Again, I’m not here to be a victim although I’m the first to admit I’m pretty messed up by it all.”

“I’m lucky to have a small circle of adorable friends who I can count on. In the meantime thank you to Congress for inviting me to the White House,” Spears finished.

Although Britney Spears shares mainly fun-loving and light-hearted content on her Instagram, she continues to circle back and post about the struggles and accomplishments she has made during the difficult times in her career.

Whether it’s to share a letter from Congress or to tease about a possible red hair transformation, fans can be sure that Spears will continue to share the life updates she finds fitting to those who follow her on the platform.

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