Britney Spears calls Sam Asghari her ‘husband’ and her fans are freaking out about it

Britney Spears on the MTV movie awards red carpet
Britney Spears referenced Sam Asghari during her vacation in French Polynesia. Pic credit: ©

Sure Britney Spears posted an adorable video of baby turtles with a heartwarming caption to her Instagram feed – but that’s not what her fans are looking at.

The singer, 40, shared a clip with her followers that was sent to her by her fiancé(?) Sam Asghari. The video showed 100 baby turtles leaving the hatch and sweetly waddling their way to the reef.

The heartwarming sentiment and metaphoric description, however, didn’t distract Britney’s followers from noticing one standout word at the beginning of her caption.

Britney referred to Sam Asghari as her ‘husband’

Britney started off by saying her “husband” – yes, husband – was the one to send her the clip of the baby turtles, along with an interpretation that described the “1 out of 100” odds of the pack’s sole survivor coming back stronger than ever.

Fans immediately noticed the quick change from “fiancé” to “husband” in her caption and have taken to her comment section to ask the couple if they’ve tied the knot on their island visit.

The two met back in 2016 on the set of her music video and got engaged in September 2021.

“My husband @samasghari sent me this and said:
100 baby turtles leave the hatch ? only 20 make it to reefs because most get eaten by sharks ? only 1 strong strong Turtle ? makes it out of 100 and comes back a year later stronger than ever and hatches babies ? He said these turtles represented life,” she wrote.

Britney referred to Sam as her fiancé a few hours before

Britney and Sam, who just left an early birthday getaway in French Polynesia, have been keeping their followers updated through vacation clips and outfit pics over the past few days. Even just a mere three hours before she posted the turtle video, Britney uploaded a photo of her and Sam to wish him a happy birthday.

The photo, which showed the couple posing on a beach in front of a colorful sunset, was accompanied by the caption “Happy Birthday to my fiancé…I love you so much…I want a family with you…I want it all with you!!!!”

Fans have been freaking out over Britney calling Sam her ‘husband’

Followers of the Circus star have flooded her comment section with a slew of questions – many primarily asking if the two officially tied the knot on their vacation. One user wrote, “Did someone say HUSBAND?”

Did someone say husband comment on britney's photo
Pic credit: @britneyspears/Instagram

Another inferred she and her fitness model fiancé got married on the trip and the caption was their subtle way to announce it. @kaydeleon replied, “This is Britney telling [us] she is married.”

Britney telling us she is married comment
Pic credit: @britneyspears/Instagram

A different user commented on the direct change from calling Sam her fiancé to calling him her husband. “Omg omggg you change your caption from fiance to ‘husband’… girlll!!!! Yasssss!!!! #subtleney,” another follower said.

Fiance to husband name change on Britney's Instagram post
Pic credit: @britneyspears/Instagram

@paulacrousore replied, “3hrs ago he was your fiancé, and now he’s your husband? Did y’all tie the knot?”

Comment on the name change from fiance to husband
Pic credit: @britneyspears/Instagram

Did Britney and Sam make it official on their tropical trip? Will she make an official announcement to her followers soon – or did she just use the word in a more nonchalant, “soon to be husband” sort-of way?

Fans can be sure to follow Britney, who has become known to share her life publicly on the social media platform, for more updates on the couple to come.

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