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Britney Spears bares it all, dances in very little clothing

Britney Spears smiles close up
Britney Spears busted a move in a bikini top and shorts. Pic credit: © Purvis/AdMedia

Britney Spears wore a teeny, tiny outfit as she busted a move in a video that looked similar to at least a dozen more she posted.

The Toxic singer wore a red bikini top with ruffles along the edges, paired with a pair of black booty shorts and nothing else.

She wore her hair down in the messy, wavy style that has become her trademark, and wore black eyeliner all around her eyes.

She danced with multiple moves, chopped up from various shots, as she shook her head, shimmied and spun around, and pulled down her shorts with her thumbs, leaving very little to the imagination.

Britney claimed in the Instagram caption that the video was filmed in 2021, showing her old house where she has recorded most of her other dancing videos.

Britney and her new husband Sam Asghari recently bought a new house in Calabasas, which makes their neighbors Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker and his wife, reality star Kourtney Kardashian, as well as Britney’s ex-husband Kevin Federline.

Britney Spears danced in a bikini top and shorts, posted a rambling caption

Not only did Britney post a video of her dancing skills, but she also posted another long, rambling caption that she has been known for as of late.

She wrote, “Reflecting back this week 💭 … this is a different take of this song 🎵 … I know I’ve danced to it like a million times … this was filmed on April 13, 2021 !!! I say the date because it’s important to know where I’ve been … so I know where I’m going … it was a year and a half ago ⏳ … it’s weird because every time I hear this song it’s like the first time hearing it 😂😬😬😬 !!!”

Britney is clearly in a reflecting mood based on her captions

She continued, “Not sure why I’m really into sharing fashion 👗 at the moment but I like clothes and I’ve taken a million videos of fashion before my move !!! And I have wayyyy too much footage in my phone 🤷🏼‍♀️ … I guess I would call it a clearing and reflecting week !!! Psss just think about it … like 90% of the world is looking down at their phones 📱 right now at this very moment … Are we too stuck up for each other ??? Hmmmm 🤔 … Keep looking down my friends !!! What set up is in store for tomorrow ??? Like I said … keep looking down ⬇️ !!!”

The caption clearly shows a Britney Spears that is in a reflecting mood after the tough legal battle she found herself in that saw her 13-year conservatorship finally lifted.

Since then, Britney appears to have moved on with her life, and recently got married to husband Sam Asghari in a celebrity-filled wedding. The party afterward was a hit, and Britney was even seen kissing Madonna at one point as she posed with a group of pals, including Selena Gomez.

Britney has been making her feelings known on social media

The Oops!…I Did It Again singer is making her feelings known on Instagram about the toxic people in her life, and even posted a scathing photoshopped picture of her face on a movie poster.

The title was changed to “The Great I Really Care!” and she was giving the middle finger.

Not only is Britney angry with her family, but she’s angry with all of America apparently. In since-deleted Instagram posts, she complained that the documentaries about her have been exploitative.

Among those was Britney vs. Spears on Netflix, and the pop singer even accused people of telling her the documentaries lead to the end of her conservatorship, which she strongly denied.

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