British supermodel Kate Moss stuns in denim for incredible birthday shoutout

Kate Moss is gorgeous in oversized denim jacket.
Kate Moss is stunning in denim as she celebrates another year around the sun. Pic credit: ©

Kate Moss celebrated another year around the sun, and she still looks more gorgeous than ever.

The world-renowned supermodel celebrated her 49th birthday on January 16, and she’s been aging like a fine wine.

The celebratory shoutout was shared on her Kate Moss Agency Instagram page.

Kate’s Agency page not only contains her modeling content but also represents a whole community that uploads endless talent from around the world.

However, this latest share was all about Kate and her special day.

In the shared photograph, the British model posed for the black-and-white shot as her natural beauty stole the show.

Kate Moss models in denim for a special birthday shoutout

Kate has proven herself to be a highly successful and multi-talented star throughout the many decades, and her recent share was the perfect demonstration of just that.

In the birthday shoutout, the model stood amongst a completely gray scenery as she posed with only a denim jacket on.

The oversized jacket was left half unbuttoned, and one side draped down her shoulder. The sleeves of the denim piece completely covered Kate’s hands, although the ends were left rolled up.

The jacket fell slightly past her hips as it further accentuated her long, toned legs.

The model’s blonde hair was styled in light waves that beautifully trickled down the front of her jacket.

Per usual, Kate looked heavenly in this masterfully crafted photo shoot.

The post was captioned, “Happy Birthday Kate ?.”

Kate Moss recently teamed up with Charlotte Tilbury to create a stunning holiday campaign

In another post on the Kate Moss Agency page, Kate announced that she recently teamed up with the famous makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury to create a holiday campaign.

In the post, the blonde beauty was captured on the dance floor while the camera was fixated on Kate’s gorgeous blue makeup.

The model’s shimmery, electric blue eyeshadow had been the apparent star of the show while it perfectly complemented her greenish-brown eye color.

Her cheeks were glowing in the clip from the perfect placement of bronzer and highlighter that trickled up toward her eyes.

The makeup artist Charlotte added a lovely nude hue across Kate’s lips as her lovely blonde waves bounced to the rhythm of the beat.

The model coordinated the shimmery makeup with a sheer blue dress embellished with gorgeous sequins.

Kate lightly bopped back and forth to the ’70s-themed music in the background as she held on tightly to a glittery makeup palette.

The post was captioned, “Kate for Charlotte Tilbury’s Holiday Campaign@charlottetilbury.”

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