Brit Manuela is ready for a ‘beach day’

Brit snaps a poolside selfie
Brit soaks up the sun for a gorgeous poolside selfie. Pic credit: @britmanuela/Instagram

Fitness model Brit Manuela shared her look as she got ready to enjoy a day of sand and sun.

The brunette beauty looked casual and carefree as she snapped a selfie before heading off to the beach.

Brit shared the image to her Instagram Story over the weekend.

She posed in front of a full-length mirror to capture the image, clad in a skimpy strapless bikini paired with light-washed cut-off denim shorts.

Brit’s brown bandeau top accentuated her tanned and toned upper half, while her shorts showcased her shapely legs.

Her face was hidden by her phone in the pic, although it appeared she went makeup-free before soaking up the sun.

Brit Manuela shares her ‘beach day’ look

Brit donned a brown ball cap and matching flip-flops and carried a foldable beach chair on one shoulder.

The caption on her share read, “beach day ?.”

brit manuela poses for a beach day Instagram story
Brit snapped a mirror selfie before heading to the beach. Pic credit: @britmanuela/Instagram

In another snap shared in her Instagram Story over the weekend, Brit showed off one of her many bikinis.

Standing in her bathroom for the selfie, Brit was clad in a white strapless bikini with a burgundy floral print.

Brit’s bikini top tied with a burgundy-colored string, and her bottoms featured a ruffled design, providing a feminine flair to her look.

brit manuela bikini selfie instagram story
Brit showed off her bikini for the day. Pic credit: @britmanuela/Instagram

As she snapped the photo, Brit tilted her head to one side, placing one hand on her hip and smiling slightly at the camera. She didn’t caption the photo or provide a location, allowing her toned physique and beautiful swimsuit to do the talking.

Brit’s natural beauty and stunning physique have catapulted her to fame

It’s not uncommon to find Brit in a skimpy bikini — the 29-year-old stunner hails from California, and she’s a fitness enthusiast and social media influencer.

Brit has teamed with a number of fashion brands to promote their collections. She has served on campaigns for brands such as Bo + Tee, Oh Polly, and Zaful.

In addition to being a pretty face with a body to match, Brit is also a mental health advocate. She runs two Instagram pages in addition to her personal one.

Body Love With Brit is Brit’s IG page dedicated to fitness routines and tips, while Mindful Talk is a nod to her podcast, Mindful Talk Podcast.

Brit shares her biggest insecurity in honor of Mental Health Day

Brit spoke about the importance of mental health in an interview with Oh Polly. She got vulnerable during the interview and shared her biggest insecurity.

“I think mental health is super important, especially nowadays,” Brit said. “I feel like a lot of people focus more on the outside, and we should be focused more on the inside of ourselves.”

Admittedly, Brit has struggled with her skin for several years, calling her acne the most “God-awful acne I think anyone could possibly have.”

Brit admitted that she didn’t want to leave her house due to embarrassment. Living in Hollywood, Brit struggled with being surrounded by “beautiful” people everywhere she looked.

After finding a dermatologist who helped her find an approach to heal her acne from the inside out, Brit is now confident in her own skin.

She credits “drinking lots of water, being less stressful and harmful on [herself]” for improving her complexion. She said that even though she has scarring from her acne, she doesn’t focus on it, nor does she worry about others focusing on it.

“At the end of the day, so what?” Brit said. “We’re not perfect. We all have our insecurities.”

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