Brie Larson shows off workout in spandex

Brie Larson hits a red carpet in long star earrings.
Brie Larson shows off her bright blonde hair. Pic credit: ©

Ever since Brie Larson proved she can pull off the role of a superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it makes sense that she would have a great workout routine to match.

The beautiful actress did an amazing job starring as Captain Marvel in the epic 2019 movie, and she’s been busy maintaining her incredible physique since then.

Brie shared a video of herself exercising in the most intense way as proof of her knowing how to take care of herself.

The star has a workout routine that requires tons of effort, energy, and attention. Based on the video she posted, her exercise plan isn’t for the faint of heart.

Brie posted a video of herself on Instagram wearing a skin-tight spandex workout outfit as she did push-ups on a block floor made of soft tiles.

The sports bra she wore perfectly matched her high-waisted leggings.

Brie Larson looks amazing while showing off her workout routine

The outfit gave her the chance to show off her sleek back, hourglass midsection, and toned arms. The barefoot beauty wore her blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail using a yellow scrunchie during her workout.

Her face was hidden for most of the routine, which means it’s a mystery if she wore any makeup or not.

She added a caption that said, “Nothing hits quite the same as the clanking sound of chains wrapped around your body.”

Her caption was a nod to the fact that she had some silver chains dangling over her waist as she did some push-ups in her routine.

Aside from her workout gear, Brie also likes to switch it up for days when she feels like wearing something more comfortable.

Brie Larson promotes Crocs

Crocs have a reputation for being incredibly comfortable to wear, and Brie recently posted a picture while kicking one of her legs up to show off the Crocs she chose to rock for the day.

In the second picture from her photo thread, she zoomed in on her Crocs to show off all of the green stickers and buttons she added to the pair of shoes.

Some of the decorations she went with included a green alien, green flowers, green gems, green science potions, and some random letters.

She had a caption that read, “Are we surprised? #notspon but @crocs it could be [wonky face emoji],” insinuating that she would like to partner up with the well-known shoe brand.

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