Brie Larson shows off her ‘Anti-Hero trait’

Brie Larson poses at the "Growing Up" red carpet premiere event
Brie Larson showed off her toned physique with a grueling workout. Pic credit: ©

Brie Larson donned some spandex and headed outdoors for an unconventional workout.

The 33-year-old actress has a habit of sharing her grueling workouts with her fans. Her workouts give insight into what training to play a superhero looks like, as Larson portrays Captain Marvel in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Her most recent workout was particularly challenging as she pushed weights around. However, she pushed them up an incline and put all her strength into moving the massive weights.

The video highlighted her incredible strength and determination. Meanwhile, her workout outfit showed off her incredible toned superhero figure.

She kept her workout look fairly simple with a checker-patterned sports bra and matching skintight leggings. Larson finished her look with pair of white Nikes with a black and white swoosh on the side.

She tied her hair back in a messy bun to keep it out of the way as she focused on her workout.

Brie Larson shared her ‘anti-hero trait’

Larson shared her workout via video, which played against the backdrop of Taylor Swift’s song, Anti-Hero. The song describes Anti-Hero traits or things the singer dislikes about herself.

In line with the song, Larson shared her anti-hero trait: her refusal to do conventional workouts. While her workouts may be unconventional, they do the trick.

Sometimes, conventional workouts just don’t do the job when training to be a superhero. Before she shared her weight-pushing exercise, she shared a pull-up exercise that was quite acrobatic.

For another workout, she wrapped herself in chains for a series of push-ups. The heavy chains were laid across her back, making her push-ups much more difficult.

However, that didn’t stop her from rapidly doing 10 full push-ups while sizzling in her matching two-piece workout set.

While her workouts are unconventional, she never fails to wow with her incredible strength and athleticism.

Larson is a brand ambassador for Nissan

Laron’s superhero workouts and critically acclaimed acting roles have landed her some big brand partnerships. However, one of the biggest brands she represents is the automobile company Nissan.

She was first named a brand ambassador for Nissan in November 2020. Nissan introduced her by giving her a cameo in one of their Nissan Rogue commercials.

She would end up becoming the face of the 2021 Rogue ad campaign. The deal that Larson signed with them was a long-term contract, meaning she has worked with them for two years and has headed multiple campaigns.

Larson’s work as a brand ambassador for Nissan has seen her star in many commercials for the company. Her acting skills have led to her creating high-quality commercials for the brand.

She traversed the world and a slew of Nissan designs in one commercial recently. The commercial encompassed 60 years of Nissan in just 30 seconds.

Her partnership with Nissan has been very fruitful, and she has produced some very impressive commercials.

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