Brie Larson dazzles in sequined LBD for holiday celebration

Brie Larson in a black dress
Brie Larson stuns in a black dress. Pic credit: @brielarson/Instagram

When it comes to the holidays, Brie Larson already has her dress ready. The actress posed in a gorgeous black dress as she prepared for her holiday festivities with Celine Paris.  

The Captain Marvel star took a photo of her gown before the event, and it’s obvious she was the talk of the party. Brie’s dress was covered with sequins and fit her perfectly. The gown featured a low-cut neckline and ruching that gathered around the waist.  

To accessorize the outfit, she prioritized gold jewelry. However, she kept it simple with thin rings, bracelets, and hoop earrings.  

Brie went for an old Hollywood style and wore her hair in a deep side part with big barrel curls that cascaded along her shoulders. 

For her makeup, she went for a natural look. She opted out of eyeshadow and wore nude lipstick to highlight her natural features.  

On Instagram, she posted a selfie with a complementary Celine Paris bottle, seemingly having a great time.  

Brie Larson upgrades her skincare routine Decorté 

Regarding skincare, Brie makes sure it’s part of her everyday life. Since quarantine, she told Allure Magazine that she has been very disciplined, more than she ever has in the past.  

To wash her face, she used coconut or olive oil to cleanse. When she had to travel for work, she opted to often limit the products she brought, keeping it simple with a hot towel and oil. However, she recently started using Decorté when they sent her a few products, and she was pleasantly surprised.  

“I really liked them, and it seemed that we both liked each other, and so they asked me to come on board and be this ‘brand muse,’ which is surreal for me. I just never thought that I would be the face of a beauty brand.” 

Brie Larson stuns in a see-through top while at a concert 

While going to see The Chicks, Brie Larson ensured they weren’t the only stars of the show.  

The Short Term 12 actress wore a colorful quilted top that hung gracefully off her shoulders. Fans could see pieces of her white tank top through the top, a perfect layer for the shirt.  

She paired her top with high-waist trousers that flared at the leg. The pants were covered with sequins, which made them the perfect fashion statement.  

On Instagram, she was posing with her friends in grainy polaroid photos to capture the night perfectly.  

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