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Bridget Fonda ‘unrecognizable’ pics spark debate about celebrity privacy

Bridget Fonda
Bridget Fonda has new photos online that have fans shook. Pic credit: ©ImageCollect/Carrie-nelson

The paparazzi has always walked a fine line between delivering celebrity photos of public interest and invading famous people’s privacy.

This happened again when paparazzi spotted retired actress Bridget Fonda out and shot several photos of her as she seemed to be running errands.

These photos were almost unrecognizable, as it has been a while since anyone captured a photo of the actress. She has been retired for 12 years.

The photos also reopened the debate about paparazzi photographers going over the line when it comes to privacy.

This is especially important since Fonda removed herself from the public eye 12 years ago and the media outlet released the photos on her 58th birthday.

Bridget Fonda looks strikingly different now

Bridget Fonda was a popular pin-up model in the 1990s and starred in some iconic films in her career.

Her movie roles included The Godfather Part III, Single White Female, Singles, Point of No Return, Lake Placid, and Quentin Tarantino’s Jackie Brown.

Her last movie was The Whole Shebang in 2001. Her last role on television was Snow Queen in 2002.

Bridget is a third generation star, after her father the legendary Peter Fonda and her grandfather Henry Fonda. Her aunt is superstar Jane Fonda.

However, in 2003, an automobile accident caused Bridget to step away from the public scene. She suffered a fractured vertebra and struggled to recover, saying she was in constant pain for a long time.

She also got married that same year to film composer Danny Elfman and the two had a son in 2005.

While Danny continued to score movies and release his own music, Bridget Fonda chose to become a mother and stayed away from Hollywood, never returning.

That made the new photos not only surprising, but disrespectful to the actress on her birthday.

Daily Mail released several photos of Bridget Fonda alongside several of her past photos from when she was still working as an actress.

Fans react in anger about the new photos

The article said she “looked unrecognizable as she stepped out in Los Angeles on Wednesday.” It went on to write, “The former Hollywood siren, 58, was captured carting her and husband, Danny Elfman’s, 17-year-old son, Oliver, around the city in her silver luxury Land Rover.”

Fans were not amused and many took to Twitter to launch into the site for the photos, questioning their right to post the pics of a now former celebrity.

“Are any of us the same as we were DECADES ago,” one Twitter user asked. “That’s her choice. Leave her ALONE.”

Another pointed out that she “quit acting like 20 years ago. We have no idea what she’s been thru in that time, and ppl age and there body’s change as we get older.”

A third fan questioned the site, saying they “always wondered how stalkers live with themselves.”

Bridget Twitter 1
Pic credit: @cumiskey55, perthovalman, worldbwise/Twitter

Another fan said they saw no “point of shaming her. She’s retired from acting. Let her live her life.”

“Leave the woman alone, she clearly wants nothing to do with a life of fame anymore,” someone else commented.

Bridget Twitter 2
Pic credit: @crystall716, BigDaveC1664/Twitter

“She looks like a normal woman her age going about her daily business,” another wrote. “Except, she’s getting harrassed by slime balls.”

Another fan pointed out that “here’s some pictures from 25+ years ago, my god she looks like a 58 year old woman now! Shocking!”

Bridget Twitter 3

It seems like a lot of people would rather see former celebrities left alone, and Bridget Fonda is just the latest example.

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  1. On February 27, 2003, she suffered a serious car crash in Los Angeles that caused a fracture in a vertebra. Pain and pain meds will change people, as many of us know

    • The car accident was originally my theory as to how she got so out of shape, but it wasn.t She appeared in public at the 2009 premiere of Inglorious Basterds still looking like she did in the 90’s, thin and stunning! so the meds hadn’t hurt her at all in the 7 years between 2002-2009. The Fonda family have reportedly had issues with mental health, i suspect it’s more to do with that and it really started in the years post 2009

  2. i never heard anything about it until you guys reported on it

    so thanks for calling attention to it and not leaving it alone… because W O W

  3. The whole point of the story is how irresponsible it was to include the photos in the daily mail story. And yet you choose to include said photos in your story. Clickbait.

  4. I think that if she feels okay in her own skin, what right do you have to exploit it? I look different than my high school pictures, too.

  5. So, since it’s a member of the Fonda family it’s not ok for the paps to do what they do. Tell that to Brittany or Kirsti or any of the othe ‘stars’ who have gained weight or flipped out or quote retired and been made miserable by these bottom feeders.. but she gets a pass because she is a Fondation. I call bullst.

    • Your straw man is idiot. Who said those things are ok? In any case, the actor in question has left public life, and yet, lowlifes torment her, and entertain scum like you. Is that ethical? I’m sure you have no familiarity with the word.

  6. How is this body shaming? She IS unrecognizable. I would never have guessed that’s her – take that for what it is. But there is not a derogatory comment her. She does NOT look the same. That’s a fact, not body shaming. And anyone can take pictures of anyone. Sounds like viewers and tweeters are the ones shaming by insinuating.

    • The point is they were body shaming her. Do they expect that because she was a celebrity she should still be slim and beautiful? It’s clearly body shaming.

  7. i feel for her because she is about the same age as me and I have blimped over the last 3-4 yrs and I can’t get rid of it and I’m miserable i used to look like her at 130 – 135 lbs growing up in southern Cal i was at the beach every chance I got now i wouldn’t be caught dead in bikini – I would like to know if she’s been diagnosed with a hormone imbalance/low thyroid, women’s bodies change after menopause it also concerns me because its not healthy bad on the heart and joints carrying around the extra weight according to BMI …


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