Bri Teresi trades golf for ocean waves in stunning bikini photo

Bri Teresi stuns in her teeny bikini
Bri Teresi looks gorgeous in her teeny bikini. Pic credit: @briteresi/Instagram

Bri Teresi looked absolutely breathtaking as she took some time away from the green and made her way toward the waves.

The 28-year-old has made quite a name for herself over the years as she’s had great success in both her modeling career and, more recently, her interest in golf.

The beautiful blonde bombshell started off as a social media influencer as she simultaneously continued to finish her degree at San Jose University in California.

Bri’s job as a social media influencer soon transpired into a full-time modeling career. She was featured in the infamous FHM and GQ magazines and appeared in the Maxim fashion editorials.

As the model gained popularity through her killer looks and positive attitude, she soon found a serious admiration for the sport of golf.

Bri has kept highly active on her social media platforms as she’s continued to share her latest adventures with all of her fans.

Bri Teresi stuns in her beautiful bikini

Bri recently took to her Instagram as she shared a jaw-dropping photo with her 1.4 million followers.

The model took some time away from her golf clubs as she went to the beach. Bri was captured posing in the most gorgeous, multi-colored bikini.

She wore a classic spaghetti-strap bikini top that hugged her chest and shoulders while it gave her full support. The combination of the colors looked gorgeous against her skin as it complemented her complexion perfectly.

The bikini bottoms were high-waisted as they rested gently above her hips, accentuating her tiny waist and toned physique. The hot pink color of the bottoms paired perfectly with the multi-colored top.

Bri then placed one hand gently on her head, against her wavy blonde hair, and left the other one to rest lightly on her leg.

The model decided to accessorize with a pair of beautiful diamond earrings, a couple of overlaying gold necklaces, and some multi-colored bracelets.

The photo itself was a masterpiece and Bri effortlessly glowed as she gifted her fans with a breathtaking, picturesque shot.

Bri Teresi is red hot in her bright orange skirt

When the model isn’t posted up at the beach, she’s been spotted enjoying herself on the green with a golf club in her hands.

Bri has filled up her Instagram with a substantial amount of pictures and videos of her new hobby as she’s enjoyed sharing content with her fans.

In a recent video, the model wore a short, bright orange pleated skirt while she paired the bottoms with a white low-cut tank top.

She finished the look with a pair of fresh white golf sneakers that complemented the rest of the outfit perfectly.

Bri showed off her form as she was captured, teeing up her shot and then taking a huge, epic swing.

She captioned the mesmerizing video with, “Ain’t that the truth though 🤣 vid by @misterjermalee.”

It goes without saying that fans are certainly supportive of the golfer’s recent endeavors, as the video received 5.6 thousand likes and over 100 loving comments.

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