Bri Teresi and Nicole Gerome prove how golf can be a team sport in this whacky video

Bri Teresi stands for a photo.
Bri Teresi had some fun with Nicole Gerome as the pair got goofy while hitting some balls. Pic credit: @briteresi/Instagram

Golfer Bri Teresi and her putting buddy Nicole Gerome looked to be having some fun on the green as they took their game to the next comedic level.

As shared by Bri, the pals worked in some practice time together and added their own personal flair to the sport at the same time.

Nicole could be seen wearing a fun, athletic mini-dress with a brown checkered patterning going across the entirety while Bri was on the ground below her.

Bri propped herself up on her arms to show off her bust area in a low-cut crop top as she patiently waited for Nicole to finish her swing after carefully placing a golf ball either on top of Bri’s bottom or right between her legs.

The video did not make the exact placement of the ball totally clear but it was evident where the general location was.

Bri stayed on her front on the grass until her friend successfully hit the ball right into the hole, then laughed as she hopped back up onto her feet.

The 28-year-old then showed off her full ensemble, which consisted of the plunging, light-blue crop top paired with a flirty, royal-blue miniskirt that bounced around her legs as she jumped off the ground to give Nicole a congratulatory high-five.

“Now that’s what I call teamwork,” Bri captioned the video while adding a winky face emoji and a peach icon.

While the pair appeared to be enjoying their day out together, Bri largely shares solo shots of herself in a variety of attire, and, while a lot of her wear leaves little to the imagination, the golfer has proven she also knows how to keep things more low-key sexy.

Bri Teresi stuns in a little black dress

The Paige Spiranac-lookalike recently slipped into a stunning dress, bringing a new meaning to the little black dress.

Looking stunning in the skin-tight wear, Bri posed for a mirror selfie while showing off her physique from head to toe.

The golfer kept her hair down and loose around her shoulders and let fans see that she possesses a slender frame and tiny waist underneath the leathery material.

With the upper half of the attire curving around her bust to culminate in a partial collar that encircled her neck, Bri’s slender legs shone through on the lower half as the LBD skimmed her thighs.

To add a little color to the outfit, Bri popped on strappy red heels with butterfly decorations attached to the ankle.

Although the social media influencer seems to have her modeling career well under hand, it wasn’t too long ago that the star took the side-step away from strictly golfing into working it for the cameras.

Bri Teresi talks about her move to modeling

Talking to the New York Post last year, Bri opened up about her turn from golfing to Instagram modeling, saying it all happened by chance.

Bri said that her modeling took off after Taylor Funk, the son of PGA Tour veteran Fred Funk, convinced her to take her swing up a notch by adding some knee-high, heeled boots to her usual golfing clothes.

Taylor then presumably handled the camera that captured the sensational blonde taking a huge swing at the ball and watching it fly off in the distance before turning on one heel to strut her stuff away from the putting area, laughing as she went.

The clip sent Bri into near-instant stardom, with the pro saying, “I definitely noticed a big increase in engagement after I started posting golf content. When I started posting golf videos people were much more inclined to watch and comment as opposed to the typical bikini post.”

Thus began Bri’s mixed modeling and golfing career as the stunner now does what fellow golfer Paige Spiranac has also been tackling for a while, with the duo continuing to take the internet by storm for their golfing prowess and skimpy attire.

Bri’s 1.4 million followers will surely be eager to keep an eye on the rising star to see what lies ahead for Instagram’s latest athletic queen.

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